Democrats, Progressives and Leftists Will Lie if it Suits their Agenda

I know, I know … such horrible accusations and I’m a bad person for thinking such evil of my political opponents. No doubt I am a frothing at the mouth, racist, Obama hating, wingnut who ought to be ignored at best and vilified at worst. Except it’s true (video and pics after the jump).

While thousands of protesters showed up in Madison, WI, the state capitol, to protest Governor Scott Walker’s proposal that Public Sector Unions contribute their fair share to fix the state’s budget woes, they did so by skipping work. Schools were shut down and students either sent home or told to stay home for days because teachers simply went to Madison instead of showing up for work. There are no vacation requests, no requests for personal days, nothing … the schools were open and ready for educating but the teachers weren’t there.

Now, they are running headlong into a staple of Conservative ideology – being responsible for one’s actions. With all these days gone and no excuses, along with Democratic Senators having fled the state rather than do their jobs, people are beginning to wonder what will happen to them for being absent from work without permission and for no good reason. In the real world, if you don’t show and don’t call into work with a valid excuse (here’s a hint – protests are not a valid excuse) it’s called job abandonment and is cause for firing.

But the Teachers and their Union and supporters have found a novel way around the consequences of their irresponsibility. Individuals claiming to be doctors have been showing up in the crowds and offering Dr’s notes and excused absence slips for anyone who wants one. Despite requiring a medical exam to get one (I know, I just had one myself a couple of weeks back), the doctors appeared to have a steady stream of business. All one needed to do was tell the person writing the excuses what days you needed to be off. You could even specify future days. They write the excuse and move on to the next teacher.

What else should I call this but lying? I know, I know … Democrats don’t lie. It’s evil Republicans and Tea Party people who say they oppose the President’s policies when they really hate him because he’s black. They say they oppose fiscally irresponsible spending but what they really want is to give away their money to people who they choose, the wealthiest Americans, as opposed to expanding Entitlement programs. They claim to be grassroots and personally vested in the notions of Limited Government, Lower Taxes and Individual Responsibility but they are really only in this because the evil Koch brothers and FreedomWorks are paying them to protest. Like I said, Republicans and Tea Party people are the real liars – didn’t Al Franken prove that by saying so?

So what is the explanation from Progressives and Statists and Unions and Teachers for their behavior? I’m curious. If this is not lying, what is it? If it is not lying for personal gain, what is it? If this is not abdicating one’s responsibility for one’s actions by being far less than truthful, what is it? I’m waiting for the explanation … please …

Of course, what the Teachers and Unions are missing in all of this is the medium to long term view – the bigger picture. They are scrambling to cover their backsides in the short term. But the barn door is open, the cows are out and the world knows the truth about what they are willing to do to escape personal responsibility and attempt to feather their nests at the same time. If they will lie now – over this – and do so in such a transparently selfish manner, why expect anyone to ever believe a thing they say tomorrow?

Of course, this only addresses the lies by Teachers and Union members. It does not address the defrauding of Wisconsin taxpayers who might be on the hook paying for hundreds of thousands of dollars of “sick pay” for days missed with the reason lied about. I wonder what the penalties for fraud are in Wisconsin? Can you keep your medical license for doing such things?

Didn’t the President come out in support of these people? I believe he did.

Democrats ought to be very careful here. Because there really are consequences to one’s actions. Believe it.

Crossposted from Blue Collar Muse.