Only Those Engaged in Violent Imagery and Rhetoric Can Stop Doing So

In the aftermath of the Tuscon carnage; before I learned the name of any victim beyond Representative Giffords and along with hearing the name of the shooter, I also learned I was to blame.

Beyond the ignorant premise that any Tea Partier anywhere had anything to do in any way with such senseless violence lies the sad reality that the obvious has yet again escaped the political Left. While a woman struggles for her life and her husband and children suffer in unimaginable limbo, 5 other families would trade anything for even long shot odds at getting their loved one back. In response, as a friend of mine tweeted, “My Conservative friends offer prayers, my Liberal friends offer blame.”

Instead of coming together in a no-brainer, non-partisan way, the Left has engaged their spin machine sensing yet another crisis that must not be wasted. Progressive Media pundits, bloggers, organizations and commentators seized on what they described as violent language and imagery used by the Right, ignored the use of identical language and imagery from their own side of the political divide and use that premise to accuse my friends and me of driving a man over the edge of societal and spiritual restraint. We wound up and turned loose a murderer.

Deranged and evil people exist. They always have and always will. People used to understand evil and insanity sprang, not from political ideology, but from individual psyches. Unfortunately, the political Left does not. An unspeakable tragedy occurs and, without a shred of evidence, my friends and I are to blame. Not because there’s proof but because Progressives learned The Big Lie technique decades ago and their purpose is not to engage but to destroy.

Still, just because I don’t like the sound of it, doesn’t make it wrong. So let’s look into the existence of violence as a tool in today’s political environment. Where is it found?

As evidence emerges revealing Jared Loughner as a creature of the Left the pattern of recent political violence remains consistent; Progressives are the violent ones in both word and deed. See the Discovery Channel’s James Lee; SEIU thugs doing a beat down on Ken Gladney and Nathan Tabor being assaulted.. Should we really have to bring up the WTO and G8 riots? What about the attack on Prince Charles last month? What about ELF, the ’68 Democratic Convention, Black Panthers, the Weathermen, SDS, Bill Ayers, and on and on and on. But it’s the Tea Partiers who must be watched. Can those accusing me and my friends point to even a single instance of verifiable Tea Party violence?

Even USA Today is telling The Big Lie that it’s only Tea Parties and Conservatives who are to blame. Gabrielle Giffords shooting fuels debate over rhetoric references violent imagery and rhetoric but only cites examples from the Right. Were they unaware of Progressive uses of terms like “targeted” and images like crosshairs? Did they miss the BoyBlue post at DailyKos? Is it even remotely possible they are unaware the President himself used violent imagery and rhetoric when he said of Republicans, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun”and that a GOP victory would mean “hand to hand combat?” Did they miss VP Biden threaten to strangle Republicans?

I don’t see a call for violence in any of this language. These are metaphors; figures of speech. Tea Partiers understand our political system, like our judicial system, is adversarial in nature. While we will never “all just get along”, we can behave civilly and respectfully when agreeing to disagree. Unless you are a Progressive.

Then it’s all there in “Rules for Radicals. The point is never to engage in debate; never to search out the truth; never to work together to accomplish goals for the good of us all. It is only ever to win; to destroy your opponent, to ridicule, demonize, polarize and marginalize those with whom you disagree for the purpose of winning – even if you’re wrong. Especially if you’re wrong. Thoroughly violent images and rhetoric if there ever was.

So, sure, let’s tone down the rhetoric. But we’ll need to do so in the real world. There, only those actually engaged in inflammatory rhetoric can stop doing so. The ball is in your court, Progressives. Once you’ve committed to toning it down, to really seal the deal, you should probably apologize to my friends and me …

Cross posted from Blue Collar Muse.