TeaPartyHD Online News Network to Launch this Weekend

I’ve held the political views I’ve had for years. While they’ve changed and matured during that time, the underlying philosophy behind them has not. My point is that as an American and an activist, whatever success I have had in challenging and changing the political system has not been grounded in what I believe. Rather my success was built on a foundation of technological innovations which gave me, as an individual, the same voice in the political arena as that enjoyed only by politicians and media moguls until quite recently. Technological innovation remains the driving force behind the growth and success of Conservative thought and influence. Specifically, online and internet innovation.

The latest offering in that innovation process is a product I’m both excited about as an activist and proud to be associated with as part of the team responsible for developing it and bringing it to market. It’s called TeaPartyHD and it has the ambitious goal of providing a professional and complete news network to the online community dedicated to covering and reporting the news in a crowd sourced, community powered format. In addition, there are several related products in the pipeline that will complement and enhance TeaPartyHD which will be announced and released in the near future.

For activists and organizations looking for the next generation tools to make your voice heard and to fight for the principles that will rescue our Republic, TeaPartyHD is designed to be a significant weapon in your arsenal. The official launch of the network is taking place in Nashville, TN this Saturday night May 29th at a fund raising event for the National Fiscal Conservative PAC. You can find more details in the TeaPartyHD press release included at the end of this post.

What I’m asking you to do is visit TeaPartyHD right now. The site is not quite spit polished but our plans and vision will be clear. Visit the site, look around, kick the tires and give us your feedback. What do you like? How can you see TeaPartyHD fitting in to your plans or those of your organization? Most importantly, while you’re there, please sign up for email updates by clicking on the “Free Membership” button. There is a lot of information coming about the products and services offered at TeaPartyHD, ways you can be personally involved and how you can use TeaPartyHD to make a difference right in your community. Let us keep in touch with you and you won’t miss any of it.

Finally, if you like what you see, please tell a friend about TeaPartyHD. The real success of the network will be when your stories, opinions, solutions and ideas are being talked about around America’s workplace water coolers, over lunch after Sunday services and between family and friends as they look to the future and prepare their individual responses to the tyranny their Government is forcing on them. There’s no way to predict how many people will be, as I was, energized by this new tool. The only sure thing is that they are out there, silent now – but looking for the right tool to help them speak out. In the end, that’s what it’s all about, after all. As the TeaPartyHD slogan says – it’s “Your Vote. Your Values. Your Voice”!

Welcome to the news important to you. Welcome to the news reported by you. Welcome to TeaPartyHD!

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Christy Loiacono
Heads and Tails, Inc.
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Tea Party HD TV Launches At Ann Coulter Event Sponsored By The NFC-PAC On May 29th

Nashville, TN- May 27, 2010 (Market Wire) – TeaPartyHD is a TV news network devoted to covering the unreported news, a network delivering live HD quality television, time-shifted programming and video to social sites and the web. TeaPartyHD is piloting beginning May 29th at the “An Evening with Ann Coulter” event sponsored by the NFC-PAC on May 29th, 2010. The focus of TeaPartyHD is finding the news that affects your liberties right where you live, work and play and reporting it in real-time.

“At TeaPartyHD, you can watch talk radio hosts live, view the hottest topics debated by your candidates, experience grass roots events, encourage Americans to stand arm-in-arm via social media tools and more”, states Tony Loiacono, Co-Founder of TeaPartyHD, adding “Our team is made up of a multi-cultural and multi-demographic group of Americans desiring to share our voices.”

TeaPartyHD delivers original interviews, commentary and current event programming to their audience, and then makes it available in HD quality just like the Associated Press (AP) to traditional radio, broadcast, satellite and cable TV networks like MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN and more. TeaPartyHD shares programming devoted to current events, often using interviews and commentary about the issues that impact every American. Now, through political calendars, blogs, message boards, on-demand software research solutions and boots on the streets, TeaPartyHD connects Americans sharing a commitment to, among other things, Constitutional governance.

TeaPartyHD is currently interviewing journalists, producers, shooters and editors to seek out and produce segments covering the unreported news the mainstream media can’t tell; stories that affect us all. We desire to bring the gift of these eyes, ears and minds straight to you whether on the computer, mobile device or television. For more information go to: http://www.teapartyhd.com

About TeaPartyHD

TeaPartyHD is principally engaged in the development, production and worldwide distribution of news programs, television programs, television broadcasting, cable network programming, IPTV programs, Internet TV and Mobile TV. The unit’s studios, production facilities and film and television library provide high-quality creative content while its broadcasting and cable networks provide extensive distribution platforms for the Company’s programs. In 2010, TeaPartyHD bought TeaParty.TV, a company that began in 2007. TeaPartyHD has incorporated Tea Party TV assets and products into a robust offering for all tea lovers.