Some Campaign Decisions Aren't THAT Difficult

Conventional wisdom dictates the campaign with the most money and the most experienced staff outperforms the underfunded and inexperienced campaign. But anything can happen in a campaign and often does. A couple of days, let alone weeks or months can be a political eternity when it comes to having to live with the consequences of choices made by campaigns. Which is why campaigns like money and experience. It helps cut down the number of opportunities to gaffe your way into a concession speech instead of a victory speech.

But it doesn’t always work out like that. Consider these two campaigns. One is in California, one in Pennsylvania. One is a US Senate race, one a US House race. One candidate has lots of money and political experience and the other is running her first race on a shoestring budget. Both of them put out web videos. One of them is excellent and the other … well, not so much …