Barack Obama, a Black Man, is Now the Most Grotesque Slave Owner in History

In my inbox Sunday morning was an email from the President of the United States.  He is a black man, or at least black enough that he feels compelled to cast his election in terms of America’s repudiation of racism.  Obviously, such a position has its taproot sunk deeply into the history of slavery in our country.  Which begs the question.

If Barack Obama, the black man, and Democrats, many of whom are black, are so opposed to and horrified by the notion of slavery in our country and are determined to move the country beyond it, why then did they just vote to become the most grotesque slave owners in history?  Other despots in our history merely hated America and the Liberty she stood for and wanted to destroy the United States. Barack Obama and his fellow slave owners hate America and the Liberty she stands for yet do not want to destroy us; they want to compel us to work against our will to provide for them.  The very definition of slavery.

According to Dictionary.com, slavery is: “The condition of a slave; bondage. The keeping of slaves as a practice or institution. Severe toil; drudgery.”

Its synonyms and their meaning are even more damning to Democrats:

Thralldom, enthrallment. Slavery, bondage, servitude refer to involuntary subjection to another or others. Slavery emphasizes the idea of complete ownership and control by a master … Bondage indicates a state of subjugation or captivity often involving burdensome and degrading labor … Servitude is compulsory service, often such as is required by a legal penalty …

That Barack Obama and Democrats may be offended by this truth or deny it is irrelevant.  They are slave owners, now.  They have subjected millions of Americans to work to provide for them involuntarily.  They own this nation’s Producers and control them.  They determine what will be produced and will require millions to labor to produce it for millions more under penalty of fines or imprisonment.  No one has the right to fail to participate.

What they are forced to participate in is not the recognition of a human right such as Life or Liberty. That would make those orchestrating the conflict liberators and visionaries.  What they are being forced to provide under threat of serious penalties is a consumer good. Like the cotton of the first American slave owners, health care will now be produced by today’s slaves for sale to eager consumers willing to be purposefully ignorant of the circumstances under which it is produced.  This brings profit to the slave owners and happiness to the consumer on the backs of the slaves. The analogy is both proper and complete. Barack Obama is not a liberator.  He is a slaver. His legacy will be that a sitting President of the United States – once the symbol of Liberty around the world – trafficked in human flesh for his own profit.

What remains to be seen is how this Master deals with the inevitable slave’s rebellion. It is coming and it will not take decades. Because I will not submit to shackles. I will not be compelled to labor for the comfort of others. I will not live a single day as less than a free man. It is my heritage and my birthright as both a Christian and an American.  I am free and will remain so. I will not be a slave. I am not alone in this. If Barack Obama and Democrats think they have won some sort of victory here they are as ignorant of history as they are of human nature.

I will be free or I will die fighting for my freedom. Barack Obama calls for me to lay down my Liberty.  I dare him, if he is man enough, to come and take it from me himself.

Cross posted from Blue Collar Muse

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