Keep the Pressure on Your Democrat!!

There is a lot to be excited about that has happened over the last week. There were two Governor’s races that were won and Doug Hoffman came within a Scozzafava of going to DC as the Congressman to represent NY23. There has been a lot to be concerned about as well. For those paying attention, we saw that Bill Owens is well and truly a Democrat. The NY23 Congressman, who pledged on the stump that he could not support a Health Care bill that contained a public option, cut Medicare benefits, taxed health care benefits or increased taxes on the middle class, has come out in favor of Obamacare. Of course, all the things he said he would oppose are features of the House bill he now says he’ll vote for.

The current crop of Democrats in power in Washington, DC simply cannot be trusted. Should they tell you the sky is blue, I suggest you check for yourself. It is easy to imagine those who support such faithless men and women dismissing my charge as being what one would expect from political opponents. Except one would choke on the evidence supporting my position if one ever sat down to start to take it in. What about promises from Pelosi and Obama that legislation would be available to the people ahead of time for them to examine it before any votes were taken? What about promises of transparency and then shutting Republicans out of the process? What about pledging not to sign a bill that funded abortions with taxpayer dollars or to make health care available to non-citizens and then lobbying for a bill that does both of those things? What about saying the idea was to be fiscally responsible and then spending an ESTIMATED $1.5 TRILLION dollars when the GOP alternative weighs in at a mere $60 BILLION as analyzed by the Congressional Budget office? And all of this has happened in just the last 7 days!

Which brings us to the point. We cannot let up the pressure until the vote is over and either the dangers inherent to the US Economy in the Democrats ignorant and ill advised intentions are defeated or we succeed in making the Democrats completely own this abomination of a bill. There is all manner of reporting going on that Blue Dog Dems are rebelling against being strong armed into supporting a bill the vast majority of the country does not want. It may even be true. But we cannot take success for granted and we must keep our federal representative’s feet to the fire until the vote is over. Then we must hold them accountable for their votes between now and November of 2010.

For those of you in Districts where your Democrat has pledged to vote “No!”, keep the pressure on. Call them or call them again and tell them you don’t want this irresponsible financial disaster to be laid at the country’s doorstep. But there are still other Democrats that have not made their intentions known. These are still on the fence and need to hear from you if you live in their District. The following list is of potential swing votes that may still have enough allegiance to the idea of “representative” government that your calls will have an effect.

  • Michael Arcuri         (NY-24th)         (202) 225-3665
  • Steve Dreihous        (OH 1st)             (202) 225-2216
  • Gabrielle Giffords    (AZ-8th)            (202) 225-2542
  • Debbie Halverson    (IL-11th)           (202) 225-3635
  • Steve Kagen             (WI-8th)            (202) 225-5665
  • Betsy Markey          (CO-4th)            (202) 225-4676
  • Tom Perriello           (VA-5th)            (202) 225-4711
  • Loretta Sanchez       (CA-47th)          (202) 225-5711
  • Vic Snyder                (AR-29th)          (202) 225-2506
  • Zack Space               (OH-18th)          (202) 225-2965

If you are in their Districts, call them and tell them you want them to vote “No!” on Obamacare. I know it’s late on Friday or Saturday and the vote is in just a few hours or maybe a few minutes. Call anyway! It doesn’t matter what your Congressman has said or what he might say. It only matters how he votes! Your calls will help him make the right decision. Thanks!