Crafting a Constitutional, Conservative Majority: Lessons from BHO

Two headlines jumped out at me this morning as I browsed my usual stops on the information superhighway.  The first was the results of the most recent Gallup Poll indicating that more Americans identify themselves as Conservative than identify themselves as Liberal. The second was the results of a WSJ/NBC poll showing, for the first time, a majority of Americans say “the U.S. is headed down the wrong track.”

Even in light of the inherent weaknesses in polling and the legitimate arguments available that a poll is merely a snapshot of the country at the time of the poll and things can and do change, these results seem to say a few things to me and hopefully to the GOP.  These poll results are not merely a picture of what the country is thinking about today.  They are a picture of what the country thinks about what the Obama administration and the Democratic majority has actually done and how that relates to what they believe about the country and themselves.  In short,  it is a mini-referendum on the last 9 months of “Yes, we can!”

When the President gratuitously inserts himself in criminal investigations but won’t protect your 2nd Amendment rights to protect yourself from criminals, these results shouldn’t be surprising.  When the President spends more time with the IOC to bring the Olympics to Chicago than he does with his military commanders to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan and our troops home safely, these results shouldn’t be surprising.  When the President tells the country to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with and then surrounds himself with people like Tim Geithner and Van Jones, these results shouldn’t be surprising. When the President promises Change to bring Hope to America and proceeds to Alter America so radically we all Hope we are dreaming, these results should not be surprising.

The bottom line is that the GOP and grassroots organizations looking ahead to 2010 and 2012 should pay attention to what the President has actually done and the results his actions have actually produced.  Then they should busy themselves doing the opposite as much as possible.  The more Americans learn about the intent and results the administration want for America, the less they agree with it. The more Americans realize that if the President’s plans are indicative of what it means to be Progressive and Liberal, then they are Conservative.

Giving the majority of Americans what they want is easy.  Vote to Limit Government, Lower Taxes, Increase Transparency, make States Sovereign, increase personal and economic Liberty, reduce unconstitutional Regulation, reduce and control Spending, Balance the Budget, Reduce the Deficit, Protect the Country, Secure the Borders and Secure the Rights of the Individual.

These ideals are among those that created and sustained the Republic for the first 150 years or so and built the economic and idealistic engine that transformed the planet.  Only in the last 75 years or so has Progressive nonsense been artificially imposed on a thriving system to muck up not only the process but the results as well.  We can enjoy the incredible prosperity and Liberty that we once knew as Americans.  But we can’t do it via Progressive policies.  The polls referenced above show Americans are aware of that.  It remains to be seen whether or not the GOP and others entrusted with implementing and defending a conservative, constitutional Republic will get the message.

Crossposted from Blue Collar Muse