Dems Miss the "Stop Digging When You're in a Hole" Memo

The blogosphere, Twitter, FaceBook and the MSM are abuzz with the reports today that Democrats are gearing up to “go it alone” on Health _______ Reform.  Whether you fill that blank with “Care”, “Insurance” or what have you, one has to be impressed with the levels of testosterone needed for the Left to come to that decision.

Of course, testosterone only measures bravery, not intelligence.  It would appear that Democrats, at least those in DC, are also displaying legendary levels of ignorance and stupidity as well in pursuing this strategy.  On the same day the NY Times reports Democrats are considering going solo on Health Care, Rasmussen reports that their poll numbers have reached yet another new low.  These are numbers for a “Generic Congressional Ballot”, to be sure.  But such things aren’t tracked just to give idle pollsters busy work early in the election cycle.  The news isn’t good for Democrats.

Republican candidates have now matched their biggest lead over Democrats of the past several years on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

Democrats held a six- or seven-point lead on the ballot for the first few weeks of 2009. That began to slip in early February, and from mid-April through June the two parties were roughly even. Republicans have held a lead on the ballot since the last week in June, the first time they’d been on top in well over a year.

For the second time in three weeks, women favor Republicans slightly more than Democrats, 41% to 39%. Men prefer the GOP by a 45% to 36% margin this week.

Among voters not affiliated with either party continue to strongly favor the GOP, 45% to 18%.

The figures the Dems should be most concerned with are the last ones. With numbers like that showing up in the Center, if the Democrats keep pushing their agenda in this political climate; if they continue to insult and denigrate the electorate; if they continue to ignore the real passion against their policies and ascribe the national push back on the issue to hacks paid by the GOP and insurance companies; if they continue this blind lemming-like plunge off the cliff of Fascism and Socialism they are asking to be thrown out of Washington DC.

Last weekend it was reported that a presenter at the NetRoots Nation conference in Pittsburgh told the assembled liberals “the truth” that they needed to prepare to lose 15 to 20 seats next fall. Another presenter is said to have opined the number might be as high as 50 seats. At the same conference, former President Clinton claimed that as soon as Obama signed a Health Care Reform bill, support for the President would skyrocket. Both of these scenarios cannot be true. Given the depth of the passion in the opposition to the President’s plans and the breadth of it – it spans Right, Left and Center – my money is on the Democrats losing in 2010. The only question then is, how bad will it be. If they insist on passing Health Care Reform against the will of the vast majority of Americans, it won’t be a mid-term correction, it will be a blood-bath. It will be a massacre.

Not that I think that’s a bad thing, you understand …