It's Only Spending by Black Democrats that I Don't Like

So say the irrational, Fruit-Loops, Left leaning pundits who opine I think Federal spending done by white people is fine. But let a man who is 16% black start spending wildly and THAT’s when I head for the high dudgeon. I know, stupid and ignorant, but as long as we have a 1st Amendment, there will be those who use it irresponsibly.

Anyway, thanks to my friend Doug at Stixblog who got it from another friend, Steve, at No Runny Eggs, (in the interests of full disclosure, both of these guys are white) I present to you a simple visual explanation of part of the reason people are screaming far louder now that President Obama is spending than they were when President Bush was spending. Please note, this comparison assumes rational understanding of the public record. It assumes you recognize objections to GWB’s spending sprees when you see them. It assumes there’s a reason the response to spending by the current Administration is more severe than response to Bush spending was. It also assumes you are in touch enough with reality to understand race has no bearing on the matter.

Let’s take a federal spending, national debt producing road trip …