What Holiday are We Celebrating Here, Obamamas?

Some things just have to be seen to be believed! Just when you thought the dilution of the Christmas season couldn’t get any worse, there’s this.

I just opened my email and found this email from the President-Elect.

SUBJECT:Your Obama Holiday MugKen –This holiday season, celebrate the historic accomplishment of our movement for change. Treat yourself or a loved one to a limited edition Obama coffee mug.Make a donation of $15 or more right now and get an official Obama mug to mark an amazing year:Celebrate our historic accomplishmentItems purchased by December 15th are guaranteed to be delivered before December 25th.When you make your donation, you’ll be supporting the Democratic National Committee. The resources they invested in the 50-state organizing strategy made this movement possible — help us build for future victories together.Share this amazing moment with your friends and family. Thanks to supporters like you, we all have the opportunity to bring real change to America.Get your holiday Obama mug today:

But when you click through the link to see the mug, this is the picture:


Excuse me? What holiday are we celebrating with this? I guess we’re in for more change – evidently we’re changing from Christmas to Obamamas …