ACORN's 15 State Strategy for Voter Fraud

Much has been made of the Democrats 50 state strategy to win the election.  Who knew there was a fall back 15 state strategy to steal it if they couldn’t win it?

Americans who haven’t heard about ACORN and voter fraud haven’t been paying attention. Some have been hearing about it for years. Others are just now hearing after waking up to find elections upon us once again. Seems like every couple of years there’s an election and whenever there is, there’s talk about people trying to steal it.

This year is no different. But for the first time, the fraud seems massive and everywhere.  And most all the fingers are pointing at ACORN.  They are political activists, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. According to Wikipedia, ACORN ” … is a community-based organization that advocates for low- and moderate-income families by working on neighborhood safety, health care and other social issues.” Wikipedia has frozen further edits to ACORN’s page because people can’t agree; according to others, ACORN is a Liberal group committed to electing Democrats by any means possible, legal and illegal.

Prior to 2008, while ACORN was a player in terms of voter fraud, there wasn’t much to report.  My first memory is South Dakota from 2002. This year ACORN is under scrutiny in over a fourth of America’s 50 states.

According to the New York Post and numerous other sources, 15 states are looking into ACORN for possible voter fraud. There’s just one problem, I can’t find 15 from this election cycle.  I can only find 13!  I looked but no one reporting the 15 state figure backed it up.  A bit of light was shed when I found a comment making the tally 15 “since 2004″.  Not quite the felonious total first reported, but why quibble over a couple of states.  A count of 13 still means in 2/3 of the states in which ACORN ran registration drives this cycle, there were problems.  If anyone knows the other two states, let me know and I’ll issue an update.  If problems turn up in any of other states, let me know as well.

The 13 instances noted below are all from this election cycle.  All but the Washington case are from 2008.

Connecticut – falsifying/forging voter registration cards;

Florida – falsifying voter registration;

Indiana – falsifying/forging voter registration cards;

Michigan – dozens of fraudulent forms;

Missouri – falsifying voter registration applications;

Nevada – fraudulent registrations including two for Tony Romo and Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys;

New Mexico – hiring felons to work on registration drives;

North Carolina – fraudulent registrations submitted;

Ohio –  one man ACORN registered to vote over 70 times;

Pennsylvania – $2k reward offered for ACORN temp charged with perjury, identity theft and vote fraud;

Texas – 40% of 27K registrations from Houston rejected;

Washington – worst case of registration fraud in state history;

Wisconsin – hiring felons as “special registration deputies” and falsifying registration forms.

The links above are just one link to the state’s story.  In several instances there are multiple reports on the same case and in a few instances, there are multiple cases of fraud in a single state.  The point is, this isn’t made up.  ACORN’s standard response seems to be the “We can’t be made to pay for what others do!” defense.  But they don’t seem to mind if we pay in their place.

With the news out the Obama campaign hired ACORN, paying them $800k for voter registration it seems likely the heat is not going to do anything but increase.  Stay tuned and stay informed.  Alert and knowledgeable citizens outflank 15 state strategies every time!

Blue Collar Muse