The Best Blogger Coverage of the DNC

I missed the email notifying me of this gem. And I’m kicking myself. But it’s never too late!

Some friends of mine, bloggers from Denver on the Right side of the spectrum, are covering the DNC. So far their site promises to be the best blogger coverage of the event and perhaps among the best coverage period. Bloggers Ross Kaminsky, Ben DeGrow, Mike “El Presidente” Sandoval, The Drunkablog, Jon Caldara and others are on the street and on the various stories going on around Denver. Their pictures and live blogging of the event are on the web for your enjoyment at The People’s Press Collective.

Stop by and see pictures of The Anarchist’s Wal-Mart, the Attempt to Levitate the Denver Mint, The Assault on Michelle Malkin and more. Bookmark the site and check in frequently. It promises to be a rip-roaring good time. With all the insanity going on inside and out, how could it be otherwise?

Blue Collar Muse