Four Secrets to Saving Loads of Money on Gas!

So, how about these gas prices? If you’re planning any cross-country family vacations this summer, you might have to wash dishes along the way.

Here are some President-approved ways to alleviate your personal pain at the pump.

1. Inflate your tires. It might not have occurred to you at first, but driving with flat tires will reduce the energy efficiency of your vehicle. It starts with simple solutions.

2. Think about a trade-in. It’s time to give up your gas-guzzling, 8 miles per gallon monster truck. GM and Chevy will be happy to give you a great deal on a tiny car you can’t afford.

3. Use your imagination. For those who need more than 4 seats, you should get a hybrid van. They don’t exist, but you should still get one.

4. Curb your appetite for oil. Despite what common sense might tell you, the only way to bring down gas prices is to reduce demand. So, stop thinking about it all the time, and ride your bike for a change!

Isn’t winning the future fun?