Theatre of the Absurd: 10 Things You Didn't Know Before Wisconsin


Democrats have the uncanny ability to degrade politics beyond our wildest imaginations. Sprinkle a little union thuggery into the mix, and their antics have the power to induce the deepest feelings of frustration, incredulity, and nausea.

Truth is often stranger than fiction, but the spectacle in Wisconsin takes this paradigm to a whole new level.

Here are a few of the bizarre things we have learned from the northern front of the War on Entitlements:

1. Protesting for teacher salaries and union benefits qualifies as an educational field trip. Pack up your lunches, kids. Someone needs a raise!

2. Democracy 101: If you don’t have the numbers, run away! Wait, maybe that’s French History…

3. Apparently, people still do drum circles.

4. If you are a union member, you can get a doctor’s note for a fake disease. Ethics is a small price to pay for the greater good. Saul Alinsky would be proud.

5. Nazi signs are back! You thought they had gone out of style, but nothing says “we love civility” like a Hitler mustache on your least favorite politician.

6. President Obama is slow to denounce peace-loving rulers in Egypt and Libya, but he is quick to condemn governors who engage in democratic dictatorship.

7. It is always okay to shut down the government…if you are a Democrat. Enjoy a nice out-of-state vacation while you are at it.

8. Union chants never get old, and they can be adapted to oppose any foe of the people. “Hey hey, ho ho, Mubarak/Walker must go.” There is no better way to avoid an intelligent debate than a good old mindless chant.

9. Organizing for America is the life of the party, getting ready for the big one in 2012.

10. Progressive math: duly elected leaders + a majority ≠ democracy = mob rule.

Anything is possible (and encouraged) in the Progressive Zone. This truly is the theatre of the absurd.

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