O'Connor still doesn't get it

Maybe you’re like me, but the more former Justice O’Connor speaks, the more I’m convinced she is separated from reality.  This morning I was doing something I rarely do – watching Morning Joe on MSNBC.  I was flipping through the tube and noticed Justice O’Connor talking to Joe, so I stopped for a minute to listen.

Joe said he, although a pro-life conservative, was always amazed at the interest in the abortion issue despite the fact it rarely came up in Congress.  Justice O’Connor said the same thing from the Court’s perspective, and then she added she was always amazed that we, in America, have not settled on the issue like other countries had.  At that moment, I began shouting at the television – maybe she could hear me, who knows?

Justice O’Connor, the reason we have not “settled” on the issue is because your cohorts on the Supreme Court ripped the decision out of our hands.  You never gave the political process the chance to work, and instead, you trumped up a Constitutional argument that abortion was a constitutionally protected right, despite the fact that nowhere in our Constitution is that right mentioned.  So, this entire “problem” is one of your making, and I say “your” because you had the chance in 1992 and 2000, specifically in Casey and Stenberg, to return the decision to the political process.  Instead, you saw yourself as Emperor and made the decision for us.  Thanks, a lot!

I know Justice O’Connor did some good on the Court on federalism issues, but please spare me anymore of her judicial kind on the Court.  Give me someone with some true principles, rather than someone wanting to be liked.