The Secret Ballot

You may have heard that the newly elected Democratic Congress wants to make one of its first priorities in January to strip workers of the right to vote by secret ballot whether to unionize. It is called the Card Check Bill. Union bosses want to know who votes against them, because that way, they can lobby, bribe, coerce, bully or threaten those voters with retribution if they don’t vote the union way. Union bosses can only survive with members, and for years, unions have been losing members in mass. Unions are livid that they have not organized Wal-Mart or the new car manufacturers across the South. They promise job security and great benefits. Unfortunately, they don’t tell their members that only the unions’ survival matters – not the worker’s. They will shut a plant down in a second rather than giving in to management’s demands for reasonable collective bargaining terms.

Unions have long been allied with Democrats. Union dues have flowed into the coffers of Democratic candidates, and now that the Democrats are in power, the Unions expect results. One of those results they demand is elimination of the secret ballot.

It is interesting, however, that although almost all Democrats seemed poised to go along with this Union plan, they don’t want to live by the same rules.

Currently, there is brewing a major fight in the Democratic House. Chairman John Dingell of Michigan has been either the Chairman or the Ranking member of the powerful Commerce and Energy Committee for years. Another powerful Democratic House member, Henry Waxman of California, has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged him for that seat, because whoever chairs that committee will be a major power player in the dealing with the energy crisis. This is a heavyweight fight to be sure, and the fight will only be settled by a vote of the Democratic Members of the House – by secret ballot!

Why won’t the Democratic members “stand up” and be counted? I guess they do not want to live with the retribution of voting against the winner. Isn’t odd – that’s the same reason the rest of us want the right to a secret ballot. I guess we’re not powerful enough to receive that same courtesy.