Why Cruz Write-in Campaigns Won’t Work—and Would Hurt Him


By Bob Bennett

Of the 7.8 million votes Ted Cruz got in the primaries, a number of his supporters hope to be able to vote for him anyway, by writing his name in, this November. This is not only impossible; it could actually help the GOP destroy Ted’s political future. This is clearly their intention, after the orchestrated hate-fest against him at the end of his convention speech. The Party would blame Ted for organizing write-in campaigns in order to damage Trump’s campaign.


Thirty-four states require pre-registration by the candidate. [See interactive map here.] Deadlines for California and Florida have already passed without any report that he had registered – as there surely would have been. In fact, he implicitly stated that he does not encourage a write-in campaign and definitely is not a candidate in this race: see video: here.


A successful write-in campaign is mathematically impossible, if he doesn’t register in the 34 states, as he clearly does not intend to. Nine others either forbid write-in campaigns, sore-loser campaigns – such as Texas – or both, like South Dakota. The rest are: SC, MS, LA, AR, OK, HI, NM. Anyone attempting to write in a candidate in these 43 states will have their ballot discarded.


That leaves only seven states available for write-ins – most of them blue.


It should be clear to all conservatives that Ted Cruz was attacked deliberately at the convention, because Cruz told Reince Priebus and the Trump team weeks before the convention that he would not endorse. All the conservative rules amendments were defeated at the Rules Committee meeting, by strong-arm tactics. The GOP is obviously working to purge itself of conservatives, including us!


The GOP is surely going to block Cruz’s nomination in 2020, just as they blocked it this year, with shill candidates to divide the vote, to help Jeb win the nod. Then when Trump took advantage of that, the GOP quickly realized they could make deals with Trump, when he criticized Cruz for calling McConnell a liar. They despise Cruz because he will not make RINO deals, and they despise us conservatives.


We are now seeing new Cruz smears on fake sites. I saw one yesterday, registered in Panama.


Anyone who truly supports Ted Cruz would not want to see him lose his reelection campaign for the Senate, in 2018 – which the ongoing smear campaign is designed to do – and also lose his 2020 run for the White House. We must not satisfy our own anger at the expense of the Cruz family, who have suffered enough.