Vote on Rules Pkg, Which Includes Binding Rules, About to Begin

GOP Convention may be viewed on C-Span 1 or here.

The first thing that must be done, when the GOP Convention opens, is to approve the Rules package passed by the Rules Committee. Kendal Unruh reported that at least one member was threatened, and the entire procedure was a kangaroo court meant to defeat all conservative reforms that were put forth.

The key is for the delegates to get the right to a roll call vote, because, in 2012 we saw Boehner pass a rules package after a voice vote by calling “The ayes have it” when they didn’t.

Kendal told us that to prevent that, they must get 7 delegate leaders to sign off on the roll call vote; they are working on that.

If the rule package—which includes binding language inserted in both Rules 37 and 38, which had long been cited as  permitting conscience votes—is defeated, the package is sent back to the Rules Committee to hash out a package that is acceptable to the delegates. Meanwhile, the convention will be on hold.