Obama and Clinton's Purge of Intel on Islamists


For those who may be reluctant to vote for Donald Trump, because of his unpleasant actions, it should be helpful to also look at the history of his opponent. Hillary Clinton was a willing partner in the Obama Administration’s neutering of our intelligence services, deleting subject records of hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members in the US and the closing of an investigation into a worldwide Islamic group that had turned up terror connections.


Files on the Institute of Islamic Education were entered into the system used by border control agents to track suspicious people, then deliberately deleted a month later.

These deleted files, along with a key investigation—halted by Clinton’s State Department—were directly connected to both the San Bernardino and the Orlando massacres, retired agent Philip Haney says. Had this not been done, at least the Orlando murders might have been prevented.


Purges of government agencies in 2011


In October of 2011, there was had been a similar purge: “the circulation by Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to government agencies of a list of “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training Do’s and Don’ts.” Recipients included local and national law enforcement officials, according to the Daily Caller. They were advised that “it is Obama administration policy to consider specifically Islamic criticism of the American system of government legitimate.”

“Remarkably,” Patrick Poole wrote in TheBlaze, “some of the very organizations that the Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties had partnered with had been identified by the Justice Department as fronts for international terrorist organizations in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial in 2007 and 2008.”

The FBI falls in line

Then followed a letter signed by 57 U.S. Islamic groups to then-counterterrorism czar John Brennan, demanding the following:

  • “Purge all federal government training materials of biased materials”
  • “[M]andatory re-training program for FBI agents”
  • “[A]ll trainers and other government employees who promoted biased trainers and training materials are effectively disciplined”

By February of 2012, FBI director Mueller was able to report to Muslim advocacy groups that more than 700 documents and 300 presentations had been purged from the FBI’s training.

The result is, the agents that are charged with the guardianship of our defense from the Global Jihad Movement are unable to properly identify the enemy.


Under questioning by Sen. Ted Cruz, at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, DHS chief Jeh Johnson professed to be ignorant of these events and defended the separation of Islam from terrorism, as enhancing the War on Terror, which the WH renamed the more generic “Countering Violent Extremism.” This ludicrous theory claims that we mustn’t alienate Muslim advocacy groups, which are helping us protect America from terror.

The operative doctrine is, just because an individual belongs to a terrorist group, that doesn’t mean he’s a terrorist. Say what? Are we trying to lose the War on Terror? Maybe.


Sen. Cruz referred to the testimony, days earlier, of one of America’s guardians, Philip B. Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and author of the book, “See Something Say Nothing.” Now retired, Mr. Haney was able to connect dots that DHS and the Clinton State Department had erased.


Note: “TECS” is “an information-sharing platform, which allows users to access different databases relevant to the anti-terrorism and law enforcement mission of the Customs and Border Protection (CPB) and numerous other federal agencies that it supports.


“CBP officers and Border Patrol agents enter reports based upon their observations and interactions with the public at the border. These reports are maintained in TECS as Memoranda of Information Received (MOIRs). These may relat[e] to an encounter with a traveler, [or] a memorable event [that could be] related to terrorism, criminal, or other illicit intention.” —DHS


These abbreviations are used by Haney in his testimony:


October 15, 2009 The First Great Purge begins, when I am ordered by DHS HQ to ‘modify’ linking information in ~820 TECS subject records (most related to the Muslim Brotherhood network in the U.S.), i.e., to remove ‘unauthorized references to terrorism.’ No more MOIR’s, no more TECS records, no more research, and no more ‘special treatment’ from the Agency.’

In his book, he writes that the records “concern[ed] individuals associated with Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States that had proven links to … Hamas. The links had been verified in federal court in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial…”


A controversial ‘Inaugural Meeting’ occurred on January 27-28, 2010 between American Muslin leaders and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano was hosted by DHS-CRCL. The Inaugural Meeting was controversial because several of the individuals who attended the invitation-only two-day conference in Washington, DC were known affiliates of two of the same MB front groups that were named as Unindicted Co-Conspirators in the 2008 HLF Trial (i.e., ISNA and MPAC), while a third invited group, the Muslim American Society (MAS), is also a known MB affiliate.


Then, in the Spring of 2010, at least six individuals with known affiliations to MB front groups, including Omar Alomari (MAS and several other MB-linked organizations), Mohamed Magid (ISNA), Mohamed Elibiary (HLF leaders), Dahlia Mogahed (CAIR, ISNA, MAS & MPAC), Nadia Roumani (American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute AMCLI), and Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Arif Alikhan (MPAC & the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California ISCSC), were appointed to the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group, which was convened under the authority of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).


In his Judiciary Committee testimony, Philip Haney reveals that in 2010 a Customs & Border Protection agent was actually erasing some of the dots that agents have to connect in order to protect America:


By the Spring of 2010, we had come to the point that a CBP Officer was literally removing linking information (the ‘dots’) on MB-linked individuals from TECS, while the Administration was bringing the same individuals into positions of influence, to help create and implement our CT [Counter-Terrorism] Policy, both in the domestic arena, and in the foreign policy arena (as evidenced in our overt support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Syria).


TheBlaze reported:


In December of 2011, Clinton met with OIC leaders for three days behind closed doors at the State Department, where one of the stated topics of discussion was “training government officials on religious and cultural awareness.” Not only would U.S.-based Islamic groups have a direct say in the counter-terrorism training of U.S. government officials and agents, but it would also be done now in consultation with foreign Islamic states.


So, our government invited the foxes into a meeting on how to make the chicken house safe. Just naïve?


Clinton works to limit First Amendment protection of speech

That same month, Hillary Clinton, with President Obama’s blessing, succeeded in getting UN Resolution 16/18 passed. The measure purported to fight religious intolerance, but actually moves us on the path to blasphemy laws like those in Europe. There, one can be fined or jailed for statements critical of Islam.


Clinton State Dept., with DHS, block investigation into the Tablighi Jamaat group

Mr. Haney, retired since 2015, outlines how his work as an agent on a large,  highly suspicious group was summarily blocked by the DHS and the State Department, “because we may be discriminating against them, simply because they are Muslims, and thus violating their civil rights & civil liberties.”

Haney relates in his book that in 2012 he was on temporary assignment at the National Targeting Center (NTC), “working with the Advanced Targeting Team, the Center’s top unit.

“The project focused on vetting members of a worldwide Islamic group with more than 70 million members… called Tablighi Jamaat,” He wrote. He had helped launch the project, partly at the request of members of Congress who wanted to “plug holes in the Visa Waiver Program.”

“The NTC’s Tablighi Jamaat Initiative,” he relates, “connected members of the group to terrorist organizing at the highest levels, including Hamas and al-Qaeda.”

In spite of the apparent success of the investigation, in March of that year, Haney and his associates saw a State Department van pull up and shortly, “an entourage of lawyers … accompanied by “three executive-level officials” from a second vehicle confronted them across a table—not to commend them, but to express reservations about stereotyping members of Tablighi Jamaat. Haney, who took shorthand, sat silently in the corner taking down every word they said.

“‘We look really closely at the Tablighi Jamaat members [who apply for visas], but we can’t stereotype them. Just because they belong to an Islamic group it doesn’t mean they are terrorists themselves.He then disclosed that … the State Department Civil Rights Division is working with [ICE] on the issue.”

He wrote that: “By the time of this “visit from the State department,” he had seen DHS “move from a law-enforcement based approach to national security to a ‘Civil rights–based policy that became known as Countering Violent Extremism or CVE.”

“They had concerns about civil rights and civil liberties of these individuals, by the way, who are foreign nationals,” Haney later commented.

In his Judiciary Committee testimony, Haney said: “In June-July, 2012 The TJ Initiative is ‘taken in another direction,’ (a government-speak euphemism for being shut down). This was done despite the fact that [1] in 9 months, we had conducted 1,200 law enforcement actions, [2] I was formally commended for finding 300 individuals with possible connections to terrorism, and [3] 25% of the individuals in Guantanamo Bay had known links to Tablighi Jamaat.


He testifies that on August 22, 2012, “The Institute of Islamic Education (IIE) case is entered into TECS. This is the case that links directly to both the San Bernardino mosque, and to the Fort Pierce mosque.” That’s right: the two massacres are related, Haney says. But:


“September 21, 2012 The Second Great Purge – All 67 records in the IIE case are completely deleted (not just ‘modified’) from TECS; I am also investigated for the sixth time in my career.”

These actions of the Department of State and DHS, to close investigations and delete records, made it impossible to later properly vet Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter, who had been in FBI hands more than once before the massacre, Haney indicates.

Watch video of Philip Haney’s testimony here.


Using open source data, tracing a web of other organizations, Haney concluded that “[Omar] Mateen was not a lone wolf but his network of influence can be tied to the San Bernardino terrorists.” — CounterJihadReport


Since he used open sources, why was he able to do this, but the FBI could not? Maybe it had something to do with the 67 files that were deleted by the Administration. But Haney’s recall of his previous work helped him make the connection.


Here’s the path he followed: Orlando shooter Mateen worshipped at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, FL. “The Fort Pierce mosque’s website features a link that demonstrates its relationship to the Shariah Board of America, a division of the Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation, which operates the Darul Uloom Chicago madrassa,” said WND.


“The madrassa is closely affiliated with the Institute of Islamic Education, which was a major component of Haney’s Tablighi Jamaat case.” If you remember, the Administration deleted the 67 records related to IIE.


Darul Uloom in Chicago leads to California, where fourteen people were murdered at a Christmas party, last year. “Now we’re overlapping with the San Bernardino case because the mosque in San Bernardino was called Darul Uloom Islammiya,” said Haney.


So a retired agent, who could be spending his days fishing, prefers to be a patriot, while our president, with the willing help of Hillary Clinton, appeared to be selling us out.