How Fox News Handed Trump the Nomination


Many GOP voters are looking at what we got out of the primary season in amazement: a candidate who has no control over his emotions, is apt to say anything – with a tendency to say the most self- and party-damaging things possible; a candidate who is becoming less conservative by the day.


We’ve received serial pronouncements from his campaign: “Okay, from now on, he’s going to start being more presidential.” The last time we heard that, he went off on a toot attacking Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico – one of the GOP stars. He did that because she wouldn’t endorse him. Then he attacked a federal judge, demanding he recuse himself from presiding over the Trump University case, because he’s a Mexican and can’t be fair – even though he was born in America.


When asked about the latter case, he responded: “I’m building a wall.”


A recent poll by The Washington Post and ABC News showed Trump was viewed unfavorably by 70% of all adults, 77% of women and 89 percent of Hispanics.


Needless to say, Trump is not what the GOP wanted: they’re desperate to get the Hispanic vote, and Trump’s throwing it away with both hands. They’d also like to keep the Senate, which is rapidly slipping through their fingers, as the Democrats promulgate the story that Trump’s attitudes are emblematic of all Republicans. Nevertheless, the RNC is resisting delegates’ wishes to unbind themselves from Mr. Trump and consider another candidate. This is a right the delegates clearly have, according to several sources, see here, here, here and here.


He is not the candidate conservatives wanted either, after two losers in a row. In 2008 we got John McCain, the worst candidate ever, who once told a rally they didn’t have to be afraid to vote for Obama. In 2010, the GOP had a big state-level win in reaction to Democrats’ forcing Obamacare on us. In 2012, the GOP gave us the one man in America who couldn’t bring up Obamacare. The one man. Are we trying to lose?


Now, they’re giving us a guy who’s said so many dumb things he’s even making Hillary look like a viable candidate. Who knew that was possible?


How in the world did we find ourselves with the Choice from Hell?


Fox News was integral to the selling of Donald Trump


Was the creation of “Trump the presumptive nominee” fair and above board? It would have been impossible without Fox News Channel – for years, the conservatives’ go-to source for “fair and balanced” information. All that ended when Trump announced, just about a year ago.


From the start, Fox was all-in on getting Trump nominated. From May 1, 2015 to May 3, 2016 Fox gave Trump 49 hours, two minutes of airtime. Fox gave Cruz 23 hours, 20 minutes airtime during the same period.


To know just how unfair and unbalanced that coverage has been, alas: you must turn to the left-wing media for detailed analysis. Too many conservative news outlets have been deep in the tank for Trump.


Were the Trump interviews probing; did they inform conservative voters about his policy positions? Judd Legum, writing in Think Progress, reported on April 11th, that “after billions in free exposure, Trump is one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in history. A recent poll by the Associated Press found that about 70 percent of Americans view him unfavorably.


“Yet, Trump has still won the most votes, states, and delegates in the Republican field. [Obviously,] some people are receiving a different message about Trump.”


The clear reason for the discrepancy is biased reporting by Fox News.


For just one example, in the article, titled “How Sean Hannity Managed to Interview Trump 41 Times and Never Once Made News,” the liberal outlet declared that “Trump appeared on Hannity an astonishing 41 times since he announced his campaign last June, often for the entire hour.”


Rather than forcing Trump to be specific and consistent about his policy plans, the coverage was strictly softball. The Legum piece documents an astounding catalog of pandering questions; the reader can feel the sucking up right through the page. The ground rules were simple: “You can tell me whatever you want,” said Hannity, “You’re Donald Trump. You can say anything you want.” [2/8/16]


Often that included Trump’s use of his baseless epithet, “Lyin’ Ted,” unchallenged by Hannity, of course.


The worst cable news show ever: Fox’s one-hour Trumpathon


This obsequious coverage culminated in the most sycophantic hour of television ever inflicted on an audience in the free world. On May 26th, Greta Van Susteren took viewers on a full-hour visit with the only people more tedious and less informative than Trump himself: his family. After an opening graphic evidently created by Fox interns, Greta announced: “It’s time to Meet the Trumps!” Right: that was the title. The graphic can be viewed here, if you have the stomach for it.


This was not an updated version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”; it was a new form of media art: an entire hour of immersion in a family that dwells in the Challenger Deep of sameness and monotony.


Melania’s exotic beauty is momentarily interesting, but the Trump children seem like a cross between Stepford children and the Corleone family.


The program garnered an enormous amount of media scorn. Perhaps the most evocative is what Mediaite said of the show:

“[It] is reminiscent of footage we see out of Pyongyang, North Korea: adorned gold tapestries and photos dedicated to honoring Kim Il-sung and his family. Triumphant music plays in the Fox News segment as well, the exact type of processional tune you’d expect an arena full of North Koreans to eagerly cheer to as the DPRK supreme leader comes out to take his seat among his people.”


Well, we’ve been had. What can we do about it? The only ones who can do anything are the convention delegates. They can insist on voting for a viable candidate. There are ample reports that they have the power to unbind themselves. They just need our backing, because surely, the RNC is finding a way to saddle us with another loser, by any means necessary. Here’s their e-mail, so you can let them know you don’t support Trump: [email protected] Make your main point in the subject line.