Fox News and the RNC Want to Pick Our Candidate and Teach Us Tolerance



In the ongoing quest to educate Americans on the value to our country of two groups that have allegedly suffered from Trump’s rhetoric and America’s scorn, Fox presented three questions from members of those groups, unquestionably designated for Trump, who decided not to attend the debate—perhaps wisely. It’s interesting how Fox was able to find no less than two veterans, one Muslim and the other a Mexican “dreamer” made good; demonstrating, one guesses, that the entire multitude of both groups are an asset to America, and should be admitted to this country en masse.


Megyn Kelly conveyed the first question to Dr. Ben Carson, likely chosen because he’s the other political outsider, who holds an even stricter view on illegal immigration than Trump’s deportation, followed by legalization. The Washington Times reported that Carson said, back in November, that we could easily solve the immigration problem by “eliminating ‘any kind of benefit that a person who is illegal could get,’” adding that “would be key to cutting the perception of incentives…without them, he said, ‘you won’t have anybody even trying to do this.’”


Those “without a problematic record would pay a tax penalty and pay taxes going forward by taking jobs as guest workers, but it wouldn’t amount to citizenship or voting rights,” said the Times.


Carson rejected the idea of bringing in Syrian refugees on national security grounds, said the Times:


“I do not believe that we should be bringing them here. … It would be too easy to embed with them … those who were members of the jihadists [sic] groups who would be interested in wreaking havoc in this country. There’s no reason we should be facilitating such a thing.”


Kelly’s question to Carson: “This week, a female Muslim who served in the U.S. Air Force asked Hillary Clinton a question: She asked whether the United States is still the best place in which to raise her 3 Muslim children, given what she perceived as a rise in Islamophobia in this country. Do you think that the GOP messaging has stoked the flames of bias on this, as the Democrats suggest, and how would you answer this veteran?”


Carson answered with something no other candidate has said: “We need to stop allowing political correctness to dictate our policies because it’s going to kill us if we don’t. In the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2006 in Texas, they had a Memorandum, an Explanatory Memorandum that talked about the fact that Americans would be easy to overcome, in Civilization Jihad, because they were going to be trying to protect the rights of the very people who were trying to subvert them.”


Carson demonstrated he has put considerable effort into learning about one of America’s most virulent threats. He’s speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood’s virtual fatwa against our government, contained in one of the exhibits introduced in the Holy Land trial.


He said he believed in Teddy Roosevelt’s philosophy, “We are a nation of immigrants. As such: everybody is welcome, from any race, any country, any religion if they want to be Americans; if they want to accept our values and our laws. If not, they should stay where they are.”


The next two were YouTube “stars” who, by the way, at least had the RNC’s de facto permission to question the candidates, making crystal clear that Fox News and the GOP Establishment share an open-borders philosophy that doesn’t distinguish between relatively harmless Mexicans and Muslim immigrants.
Dulce Candy, evidently the “dreamer” poster child, said in a YouTube video: that she “immigrated here when I was a little girl.” She not only had a cutesy name, she was attractive and spoke flawless English. She omitted the fact that her parents came here illegally; in fact, that word was nowhere in her statement, following the tradition of blurring the line between legal and illegal immigration.


She declared that she served in Iraq and is now a citizen and an entrepreneur. Incidentally, Michele Malkin reports: “In July 2002, President [George W.] Bush signed Executive Order 13269 expediting the citizenship process for ‘aliens and non-citizen nationals’ serving in active-duty status in the Armed Forces.”


Dulce’s question was, “There are many immigrants who contribute positively to the American economy. Some of the comments in the campaign make us question our place in this country. If America does not seem like a welcoming place for [the hitherto unknown group] ‘immigrant entrepreneurs,’ will the American economy suffer?” This question was also assigned by Megan Kelly to Ben Carson.


Though we might have liked to hear his views on illegal immigration, Carson adroitly turned the question to the threat of terrorists entering the country as immigrants:


“We are a land of immigrants. But, we have to be intelligent about the way we form our immigration policies. That’s one of the reasons that I have called on us to declare war on the Islamic State. Because we need to reorient our immigration policies and our visa policies, for people who are coming to this country, because there are many people out there who want to destroy us.


“Now, I recognize that the vast majority of people coming in here probably are not those kinds of people, but that’s not good enough. If you have ten people coming to your house and you know one of them is a terrorist, you’re probably going to keep them all out. We probably have to figure out a way to keep America safe.”


Jeb and Marco, the most ardent of the amnesty advocate candidates, were allowed to follow up. Jeb, lauded Dulce Candy’s achievements, and Marco spoke of our legal immigration system needing an upgrade to a merit system.


Later, came Nabela Noor, who said, “I’m a Muslim American born and raised in the U.S. I create beauty and lifestyle videos on YouTube.” She was not wearing a hijab, and had blonde hair. She opened with some questionable statistics: “In 2015, the number of crimes against Muslims in the U.S. has tripled. And on social media, where I spend a lot of time, I’ve seen many attacks directed towards fellow Muslims. This culture of hatred is only driving ISIS to radicalize, recruit and incite violence. As president, what would you do to address this toxic climate and increase tolerance in the United States?”


In the absence of Trump, Jeb Bush was fed the question, and launched into an obviously prepared anti-Trump diatribe: “Mr. Trump believed that in reaction to people’s fears, that we should ban all Muslims. Well that creates an environment that is toxic in our own country.


“Nabela’s a rising entrepreneur. She wants to pursue the American dream. She’s an American citizen. She should not have to feel uncomfortable about her citizenship. She’s not the threat; the threat is Islamic terrorism. We need to focus there, not these broad, blanket kind of statements that will make it harder for us to deal with ISIS…. We need to be careful about the language we use.”


Like his brother before him, Jeb separates “Islamic Terrorism” from Islam, when in fact ISIS, in its own ghoulish way, is following the tenets of Islam. That separation is how GWB—six days after 9/11—was able to stand next to Nihad Awad, Executive Director of CAIR, declaring that “Islam is Peace.” According to discoverthenetworks.org Awad had made his support for Hamas known repeatedly, since the 1990s, and only three months before 9/11 had participated in an anti-Israel protest outside the White House. So he was a poor choice for the president to bond with shortly after the attack.


A Breitbart report indicates that Nabela was also a poor choice for Fox News—and allegedly the RNC—to question the GOP presidential candidates. One can hardly imagine the Democrats bringing in one of Bill Clinton’s abused women to ask questions of Hillary, at a debate. An RNC representative denies it, but the GOP certainly knew about her two days before the debate, when Fox announced it, but did not protest it.


In a video that can be found in the Breitbart article, Nabela displays a photo comparing Trump to Hitler, something Fox has done, as well:



She complains that all Muslims are judged by the actions of a few terrorists. Unfortunately, large numbers of Muslims who are not terrorists bring to the West customs from home: a contempt for women was very much on display in Europe of late, where thousands of Muslim migrants have carried out an endless campaign of rape and sexual abuse against women across Europe. There are also 23–27 honor killings a year, right here in America. the Breitbart piece relates that Nabela’s parents, who came here from Bangladesh, “kept Noor in the house for many years to prevent her from integrating with American society…. They even refused to let her date a man, even after she had gone to college, Noor said in a biographical video.”


Had she defied her family, would she have been the victim of an honor killing? Who knows: seemingly ordinary fathers, who happen to be Muslim, have murdered their daughters, unable to bear the shame of their dating a boy from school.