The Most Dangerous Man in America

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In an interview with talk-show host Mark Levin on May 5th, presidential candidate Ben Carson answered this question: “If you were president today, what are three of the things you might want to accomplish quickly?”

His answer began with a sentence unique among the 2016 hopefuls, to this writer’s knowledge: Carson replied, “Well, I want to look at the things that are likely to destroy us.”

His Number One was, “Our divisiveness.” He would “use the bully pulpit,” he said, “to teach the American people that we are not each other’s enemy.” Number Two was the economy, which, he said was “at the root of a lot of the social issues and problems that we’re having.”

Number Three was, “We have to take a leadership position in the world. The world is like a third-grade classroom with no teacher.”

Beginning with the words, “the things that are likely to destroy us,” his priority list tells us that, alone among the candidates, he gets it. America is being destroyed—not by “things,” but the man who has made it the mission of his presidency to degrade all three of those aspects in America.

It is inescapable that this is deliberate, demonstrated by: Obama’s colossal spending, including the creation of ObamaCare, meant to evolve into single-payer that’ll cost a trillion dollars a year; his foreign policy, ignoring the rise of a terrorist group so pervasive it calls itself a nation, capped by his obscene conferring of prestige to the rogue state of Iran, and his intention to lift billions in sanctions upon consummation of a deal that will achieve absolutely nothing, except fostering the nuclear ambitions of madmen.

So that would make president Obama the most dangerous man in America, right? Well, since the body politic, the media and much of the American people seem to accept his strategies—then this crumbling status is now the established policy of America. Thus Ben Carson, who not only sees this, but means to reverse it, is the most dangerous man in the New America.

Where Carson is most dangerous is in the reversal of his Number One, our divisiveness. Cleaving a nation along the fault lines of race and class—much the same thing, in America—is a time-honored Communist tactic.

From Obama’s utterly unpresidential, bizarre statement that the police acted “foolishly” in the Gates case, to his shocking “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” and his DOJ’s relentless legal hammering away at the police, in some twenty cities, his intent is utterly crystal.

His statement on December 1st, was typical: “I think Ferguson laid bare a problem that is not unique to St. Louis or that area, and is not unique to our time, and that is a simmering distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many communities of color.”

It’s likely that this superheated rhetoric from the president, and frequent White House visitor Al Sharpton—king of street theater—have the effect of impelling Blacks to resist more than they might have, in encounters with the police.

And simultaneously, by some miracle, nationwide street protests have persisted for months. That this is centrally organized is obvious, even if virtually no news outlet has said so, except for Fox’s Bill O‘Reilly, who, in his talking points, December 5th, declared:

“The Factor has learned that the New York City protests are being coordinated by hard-core far-left activists….The demonstrations you are seeing are not—are not—spontaneous dissent from regular folks. Rather, they are well-planned disruptions from the professional anti-establishment provocateurs….It is the American system that is being attacked by these people.”

Investigative journalist Aaron Klein wrote that “veteran street organizer Lisa Fithian” helped train Ferguson protesters. Discoverthenetworks.org profiles her as a legendary world-class organizer, a prime mover in the Occupy Wall Street protest (lauded by Obama and the Democrats) and the 1999 Seattle riots. She has been quoted thusly: “We’re going after the capitalist system.”

But the Ferguson protests are not over: the Ferguson National Response Network maintains a website that lists countless protests from sea to shining sea, for would-be participants.

The partnership between government and street protesters is called “Top Down, Bottom Up.”

Glenn Beck called it “the oldest Communist trick in the book.” It works like this: The leftist government—the Top—initiates high-level radical change, while in the streets, the Bottom—activist groups, unions and thugs—softens up the populace with perpetual demonstrations and riots. The public is unaware that the Bottom is covertly aligned with the government.

The Bottom demands that the Top institute even more drastic change. But, of course, it is change the government wanted to make anyway; it’s just better to be seen as a response to popular demand. Could that change be something like nationalizing the police?

In an article entitled “Why They Must Destroy Ben Carson,” Cliff Kincaid cites inappropriate criticism of Carson, in the media:

“In a desperate move, The Washington Post ran a more than 2,500-word article on Sunday warning Carson to stop criticizing Obama.

“The GQ attack on Carson was titled, “What If Sarah Palin Were a Brain Surgeon?” It was an outright smear of the black conservative.” He concludes that “Ben Carson is everything Barack Obama is not. That’s why he has to be destroyed.”

But it’s more than that. Ben Carson intends to undo Obama’s project to remake America as a second-rate power, hopelessly divided against itself. And he may be the one man who could do that.

Most important: The mainstream media, as Obama’s Revolutionary Guard, must destroy Ben Carson because Obama’s class warfare is grounded in his doctrine that Black people can’t be successful because America is a racist country. Carson is living proof that that is a lie.


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