Race Baiting by Officials and the Media Borders on Sedition


America has seen relentless coverage of the April 19th Baltimore incident in which Freddie Gray, a black man, died of severe spinal injuries possibly incurred while in police custody, on April 12th. But more important are the ensuing racial-themed protests, looting and burning of businesses—a replay of race rioting in Ferguson, MO after the shooting of Michael Brown.

But these protests are not limited to Ferguson and Baltimore: they are nationwide.

The real theme is not race; it’s the overthrow of capitalism itself. Unfortunately, elected officials and the media are assisting those who seek that overthrow.

On May 1st, State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced criminal charges against six officers of the Baltimore Police Department.

Making a radical statement with extreme charges against cops

Only one day after receiving the autopsy report, Ms. Mosby came up with a host of serious charges against the cops involved, including assault 2nd degree, for all six.

Inexplicably, she reserved the most serious charges for the van driver, Officer Caesar R. Goodman, who is himself black. He got the most serious charge of any officer—“second degree depraved heart murder,” carrying a possible 30-year sentence.

Strange indeed, given that the apparent allegations are: Gray’s injuries resulted from the position he was lying in, inside the van, failure to secure him with a seatbelt, failure to timely call for medical assistance. There’s no sign of a racial element in the incident and half the officers were black.

Mosby could’ve told protesters that, but instead piled on very severe charges—some of which imply intent—provoking protesters even more: The extreme charges seemed to confirm that the incident was racially motivated.

A grand jury indicted the six cops on essentially the same charges, May 21st. But we all know the “ham-sandwich” grand jury theory.

Ms. Mosby, who is black, was elected after “oust[ing] an established white opponent by promising to hold police accountable. She accused him of being too cozy with officers….”—The Business Insider

A strong whiff of revolution in the air

It would not be inappropriate for her to seek justice for a crime victim (if that’s what Gray was), or in behalf of the people of Baltimore. But it is inappropriate for her to show solidarity with protesters, some of whom had attacked police, burned businesses and 140 cars:

“Last but certainly not least, to the youth of the city. I will seek justice on your behalf. This is a moment. This is your moment. Let’s insure we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come. You’re at the forefront of this cause and as young people, our time is now.” [Emphasis mine.]

It is even more inappropriate for her to express solidarity with national protesters:

“To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America: I heard your call for ‘No justice, no peace.’ Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man.”

Such remarks imply there is a revolution in progress, and she’s on board.

They are reminiscent of uber-left NY Mayor de Blasio’s apparent solidarity with New York protesters, who were supporting their ilk in Ferguson and protesting the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island.

City Hall had called a January presser to publicly mend fences with the NYPD, after his consistent anti-cop statements, even on national TV, were followed by the murder of two police officers. Unfortunately, his ideology just kept oozing out: he scolded the press for cherry-picking the worst acts of demonstrators: “I don’t see reports on the many decent, good people…stop portraying them as the majority!” He failed to mention the numerous demonstrators waving signs calling for revolution, or those who had called for “dead cops,” after which a Baltimore man traveled to New York and murdered two cops.

The NY Daily News reported that PBA head Patrick Lynch said of the mayor, during a closed meeting: “He is not running the city of New York. He thinks he’s running a f—ing revolution.”

Relentless incitement of cop-hatred

De Blasio’s anti-police comments contributed to nationwide cop-hatred, apparently by design, since Obama and former AG Eric Holder have repeatedly made similar comments, going back to 2009. On May 27, 2015 Fox’s Hannity aired no less than seven instances of the president engaging in what can only be called race-baiting.

On June 2nd, The Kelly File aired four additional clips. The Fox clips were laced with loaded phrases like, “There’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionally; that’s just a fact,” “a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws,” “subconscious fear of folks who look different,” “in too many places in this country, black boys and black men experience being treated differently by law enforcement.”

And who could forget the most un-presidential remark ever: Obama’s “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”?

Even FLOTUS has taken to bringing up, during her commencement speeches, “nagging worries” about unjustified traffic stops. As if that’s a concern for young graduates—not the lack of jobs for them, in the Obama economy.

That many statements don’t just slip out. They are clearly part of a coordinated national campaign to defame police and degrade respect for the law. And WH familiar Al Sharpton is up to his elbows, in the protests.

Neutering the Nation’s police

Simultaneously, officials—local and federal—restricted crime prevention by police: New York’s mayor de Blasio helped end stop and frisk, which former mayor Giuliani credits with saving hundreds of Black lives. “Politicians and activists in New York and other cities have now taken aim at ‘broken windows’ policing,” Heather Mac Donald wrote in “The New Nationwide Crime Wave,” a May 29th WSJ op-ed. “This police strategy has shown remarkable success over the past two decades by targeting low-level public-order offenses, reducing the air of lawlessness in rough neighborhoods and getting criminals off the streets before they commit bigger crimes.

Law-abiding residents of poor communities are among the strongest advocates for enforcing laws against public drinking, trespassing, drug sales and drug use…”

From a December NY Post op-ed, co-authored by John Fund:  Holder “falsely argues the police ‘subconsciously’ discriminate through the use of ‘disproportionate’ means such as traffic stops. It has forced 15 cities into consent decrees to end such practices, for which it has almost no evidence.”

Two years ago, Justice ordered Seattle to water down its use-of-force rules and discipline police engaging in so-called implicit, or unconscious bias.

The effects of this neutering fall heaviest on poor blacks.

A national increase in violent crime

Since the changes, Seattle crime rates have soared: the murder rate is up 21 percent. Seattle police have launched a lawsuit against the DOJ asserting that DOJ rules have caused them “hesitation and paralysis,” in carrying out their duties.

Baltimore police, in the wake of the Gray incident and working under intense federal scrutiny, are making less than 50 percent of arrests, compared to last year. They report being unable to do their jobs, as they are surrounded by 30 to 50 people when they show up on calls.

Ms. Mac Donald reports: “Gun violence is up more than 60% compared with this time last year, according to Baltimore police.”

The Baltimore Sun reports the latest figure for May is 43 homicides—the city’s deadliest month in more than 40 years. Residents say the sight of people openly carrying guns in the streets is commonplace.

The WSJ piece describes a national pattern:

In Milwaukee, homicides were up 180% … over the previous year; shootings in St. Louis were up 39%, robberies 43%, and homicides 25%.…

“Murders in Atlanta were up 32%. Shootings in Chicago had increased 24% and homicides 17%. Shootings and other violent felonies in Los Angeles had spiked by 25%; in New York, murder was up nearly 13%, and gun violence 7%….“Shooting incidents are up 500% in an East Harlem precinct compared with last year; in a South Central LA police division, shooting victims are up 100%.

There are no real consequences for committing property crimes anymore,’ LA Police Lt. Armando Munoz told Downtown News, … ‘and the criminals know this.’”

Crying “Racism” is incitement—with a purpose

Obama’s intimations that the racism of the 1960s lives on in America are absurd. All the reported incidents have been proven nonracial and unintended. Declaring a national racist police ethos is incitement to revolution, for loss of respect for law must lead to a breakdown of society. For those who know nothing of American history before the Clinton years, here’s what real racist cops look like:

image: http://instigatornews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/police_…


Are pubic figures and the Media committing sedition?

Sedition is defined as: the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government. Police are an arm of city government.

Are the Obamas intentionally inciting rebellion against authority? Have we ever heard a president and first lady repeatedly speak of racist police tactics as the Obamas do? How are Black people, understandably sensitive to intimations of racism, likely to react? It doesn’t take a “constitutional scholar” to know they’d be more hostile to, and less likely to obey police.

And the Media enthusiastically assists: a Media Research Center survey determined that network news devoted three times as much airtime to alleged police misconduct and anti-police protests than to the 2016 presidential campaign, and six times as much as coverage of ISIS.

Communist factions involved in protests

The protests are nationally organized, on sites like the National Ferguson Response Network. Reports abound that Communist groups are involved in the protests: stopmassincarceration.net, launched by Revolutionary Communist Party organizer Carl Dix, according to independentsentinel.com, is an offshoot of the Alliance for Global Justice, a self-described “anti-capitalist” group. Check the bottom of many protest signs; you’ll see “revcom.us,” which stands for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Read more about participating progressive, even Palestinian groups here, at infowars.com, and at the Progressive Labor Party website.

White House and Media alignment with such groups to roil violent protest over fictional racism is perilously close to sedition. The legal dictionary says, “Sedition usually involves conspiring to disrupt the legal operation of the government.” Nationwide violent protest is not “assembling peaceably to petition the government”; the First Amendment is not a national suicide pact. Demand that local and state authorities stop the protests.

And it’s time Americans of all races email the president that incitement is not part of his job.

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