Conservatives’ Impossible Mission: Win in 2016

Mission Impossible - Copy

First: it can be done. But, if all goes according to the RINOs’ plan, 2016 will be a banner year for the Democrats, though they think they are working for victory. Next year, Republicans will have to defend 24 seats in the Senate vs. only 10 for the Dems. Right now, the GOP has a plurality of only 8 votes over the Dems. In the House, all 435 seats are up for election; Repubs have a plurality of 57 votes.


The apparent RINO platform for 2016 is not that they fought the Democrats, after winning the Senate, not that they at least tried to stop Obama’s depredations on the Nation and its constitution; their platform will be the thrilling affirmation that they worked with Democrats to give Obama what he wanted, at every turn. That’s a real impetus for the base to stay home on Election Day, and for the independents to do the same.


Let’s face it: voting for Republicans just hasn’t worked out. Since 2010, we’ve handed them the House, a substantial majority of state houses and in November 2014, the Senate. What did we, the voters get? When Republicans were a minority, they said they could do nothing; now they’re in the majority and they still do nothing.


Behold what Obama has done to America, over this period: reduced its military to pre-WW2 levels, the labor participation rate—the percentage of the labor force that’s working—is the lowest since March of 1978, race relations are worse than they’ve been since the 1960s, with nationwide protests over alleged racism.


Our world prestige is at a hundred-year low: Obama has withdrawn America from its traditional role as the bulwark against power-seeking nations around the world, and the forces of evil have flourished.


Astoundingly, the president legalized millions of impossible-to-assimilate people, without the leave of Congress, and Congress funded it. Only a single judge has tried to halt it.


The GOP’s solution? Help the guy who’s doing all this, and call it “making government work.”


True, Reid calls a filibuster, whenever McConnell wants anything, so the latter must make a deal. But McConnell could’ve just invoked reconciliation, which forbids filibusters and not funded the amnesty. For some obscure reason, he didn’t feel like doing that. Neither does he show any sign of doing it in the future. Instead, he brags that he and Obama are the “New Odd Couple.” The president sends him thank-you notes, like the one for getting Loretta Lynch confirmed.


The RINOs are not just screwing us—they’re screwing the conservatives in their own party. It’s especially odious to dishearten the new members we elect, over and over and over.


That’s a formula for failure, in 2016: Voters see no change, no matter how often they vote Republican, and can discern no difference between the two parties. They are deeply unhappy with congressional Republicans’ performance. The GOP is clearly on a suicide mission; must the conservative members join them?


Conservatives must distinguish themselves by taking conservative positions, which, in the final analysis, are pretty much what most Americans agree with.


Here’s how conservatives can reach out to groups that the GOP has given up on. Above all, do not pander by using Democrat-style rhetoric, such as, “Given the racial disparities in our criminal justice system, it is impossible for African-Americans not to feel like their government is particularly targeting them,” as one GOP presidential hopeful said. The real answer is to talk to minorities about issues they would strongly agree with.


Many Blacks are religious. 700 Club’s Ben Kinchlow writes in WND:

“In a 2007 survey, 87 percent of African-Americans described themselves as belonging to a religious group (overwhelmingly Christian). Eighty-four percent of African-American women say religion is very important to them. Nearly 80 percent of all African-Americans say religion is very important in their lives.”


In addition, many Hispanics are religious.


It’s patently clear that the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party have been conducting a war on religion. Let’s capitalize that: War on Religion. Isn’t that more valid that the ludicrous Dem-alleged GOP War on Women?


During the 2012 Dem convention, mention of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, plus all mention of God, were removed from their platform, reported TheBlaze.com:

“Earlier today, we told you that the document fails to mention Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a proclamation that was previously touted by the party. And now, in an even more shocking revelation, CBN News is reporting that the Democrats have removed mentions of ‘God’ from the document as well.


“In contrast, the GOP platform mentions God 12 times.” God was later replaced in the Dem platform after a voice vote declared in favor, but in which the yeas and nays sure sounded about even.


Since, then the Obama Administration has led the charge to legalize gay marriage—a proposition Blacks defeated, in California. It has tried to compel religious entities, like the Little Sisters, to fund abortion. It has pointedly ignored the slaughter of thousands of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, never uttering a word. Unless you consider FLOTUS’s useless hashtag #BringBackOurGirls a word.


Wouldn’t that tell Republicans they should bring the issue up with Blacks and Hispanics? Apparently not. If they want to win, conservatives must do that. The notion that Republicans want to punish welfare recipients could be countered by someone like Ben Carson, who would inspire people to excellence, rather than trapping them in dependency. If other Republican presidential hopefuls can’t bring themselves to do that, then maybe Carson should get another look.


RINOs have embraced amnesty, in their dread of the illegal immigration issue: Democrats have convinced the foolish Republicans they must do this, or be labeled racist.


Why not take steps to defend black Americans against losing jobs to illegals?


There’s a fundamental error in identifying the two sides in this issue. It’s not Republicans vs Hispanics, it is American citizens vs noncitizens. American Blacks and Hispanics must be informed that, thanks to Obama and Democrats, they are in direct competition with illegals—millions of them—for a shrinking job market. Those who are working face layoffs and replacement by illegals who will work for less. RINOs who side with the Dems are also clearly to blame.


It’s also an issue of patriotism; even the citizens of Myanmar want to feel patriotism for their country; American Blacks and Hispanics are no exception.


Ann Coulter, on Hannity’s radio show, once made this astonishing observation: 25 percent—one quarter—of Mexico’s citizens have already emigrated from Mexico to America, according to Pew Research. Not all legally, obviously.


Finally, no American would agree with this administration’s coziness with radical Islam—a term their people refuse to even utter. There are too many examples of this to cite here. And Hillary’s history of working with the mammoth Organization of Islamic Cooperation to limit our precious First Amendment is a matter of record, though no candidate brings it up.


These are the issues that would vibrate in the hearts of all Americans. Conservatives’ mission, if they choose to accept it is to champion those issues and win in 2016. RINOs may oppose you at their peril. But Americans must know who they can trust.


This message will self-destruct in five seconds…