The CIA "Torture Report": Playing Politics or Giving Aid and Comfort?

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Two things to remember about every single act of the Democrats: 1. It’s the antithesis of what any sane American would agree with; and 2. It’s something that harms America.

Sen.  Dianne Feinstein’s release of the CIA “torture report” is both.

On December 9th, Sen. Feinstein, Democratic chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, released the 528-page Summary of the Committee’s study of President Bush’s post-9/11 CIA Detention and Interrogation Program. The report, which cost $40 million and took over five years to complete, is being widely presented as “The Senate Report.”

In reality, it is the report of the Democrat majority on the Intelligence Committee—which will no longer be in charge after January first. Put another way: America and the rest of the world is accepting as truth the opinions of the party that voters have just turned out of Congress and from a record number of state houses from sea to shining sea.

Voters did this because anyone with more than a double-digit IQ knows that the president and his Democrat disciples have shamelessly and repeatedly lied about Obamacare. Oh yeah: and for nearly the last six years they’ve damaged the Nation in so many ways, it would take a separate article just to list them.

So, we should expect this “report” to be loaded with falsehoods and damaging effects.

And it is. I’ll give just one example.

The report contains an excerpt from a 2002 Justice Department memo to the CIA Attorney; it lists ten enhanced techniques that President Bush’s DOJ felt were within the law. The report gives one paragraph of the law plus the conclusion that much of the info the CIA gave the DOJ at the time was inaccurate. Reference is made to the memo, but the full text is not provided.

One technique is called “walling.” The New Yorker described it thusly: “[that] meant slamming a person against a wall;…”

I have obtained the full memo, and it gives meticulous detail about the ten techniques, and precisely how to use them within the law. The memo says “a flexible false wall will be constructed,” which will make a lot of noise when the detainee is thrown against it—for effect—but it will not injure him. Also, “head and neck are supported with a rolled hood or towel that provides a c-collar effect to help prevent whiplash.”

[mc_name name=’Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’F000062′ ] showed a lot of sympathy for Abu Zubaydah. Just what kind of man is he?

Zubaydah was part of Usama Bin Laden’s inner circle. He was present during many meetings at which terror actions were planned—reportedly including the 9/11 attack. He was trusted to provide a safe haven on multiple occasions for UBL after the 9/11 attack.

“According to American officials, Zubaydah helped Algerian national Ahmed Ressam in plotting a foiled December 1999 terrorist attack on Los Angeles International Airport. (Millennium Attack)…”—Jpost

“The 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) identified Zubaydah as a senior al-Qaida lieutenant, and that both of them were important travel facilitators for the terror group’s operatives, according to the report…”—Jpost

Zubaydah tried many times to convince UBL to conduct actions in Israel to kill Jews, but UBL overruled him. He was captured with his diaries. When translated, here’s what he had written about Jews:

“November 15, 2001: “And I wished to see America’s fall and destruction, and the destruction of the State of Israel, and I wished to torture and kill them myself with a knife…”

“Date unclear: Three million Jews control the world…Three million Jews, they are American Jews, they must be taken in consideration (by any president whether he is an incumbent or contender for the presidency) in America.

“They are the ones who have control over America, indeed.

“December 10, 2000: First… is [Illegible, crossed out] an attempt to [Illegible, crossed out] to smuggle some of the Brothers, who are specialized in Remote Controlled Explosives, into Israel… to open the door and to direct the rudder toward them…”

“The diary of a top al Qaeda leader has revealed that their expressed purpose while planning attacks in the months and years leading up to September 11th was to ‘bring America down to its knees.’”

Many media outlets, such as: USA Today, PBS, NPR, ABC News, NBC News, the NY Daily News, the New Yorker and Newsweek, quoted from the report that waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed evolved into “a series of near drownings.” Keep in mind that KSM is the man whose planning evolved into the murder of 2987 innocent New Yorkers. Unlike these poor souls, he is very much alive.

During her December 9, 2014 speech introducing the report, Sen. Feinstein said “Over the past couple of weeks, I have gone through a great deal of introspection about whether to delay the release of this report to a later time.”

So why did she release it now?

Keep in mind that only a short time ago the Dems suffered a humiliating defeat at the polls, an utter rejection of the president and of Congressional Democrats. Since then, president Obama illegally exempted over 5 million people from immigration law. Since then, we’ve seen nonstop demonstrations—some violent—in 25 cities. They were admittedly launched by Al Sharpton, who has visited the White House over eighty times. Look closely at the signs the protesters carry. You’ll see “SEIU” and “revcom.us”—the Revolutionary Communist Party.

All this is a sure sign that the president and his Democrats intend to negate the will of the voters and retake the initiative, using lies, distortion and street theater. They will be greatly helped by the complicit media. They intend this report to be a good start in turning public favor against the GOP.

The report is difficult to read and lengthy, so most Americans will rely upon summaries from the American media—which, of course, is always ready to assist Democrats to make a point. For example, we saw and heard such journalism as this, from ABC:

Chief Foreign Correspondent Terry Moran held up a copy of Britain’s Daily Mail bearing this banner headline: Shaming of the WestThe Independent’s cover announced: America’s Day of Shame.

Moran declared there was “very serious personal criminal exposure of former CIA officials, directors, perhaps all the way up to President Bush.” He opined that they could be tried under international law; so if they have any brains or smart lawyers, they “probably won’t leave the United States for the rest of their lives.”

We also heard WH spokesman Josh Earnest say: “The Commander in Chief concluded that the use of the techniques described in this report significantly undermines the moral authority of the United States of America.”

It sure does: a news outlet as far away as the Japan Times said: “He was the first subjected to grinding white noise and sleep deprivation tactics and the first to gasp under the simulated drowning of waterboarding. Zubaydah’s stark ordeal became the CIA’s blueprint for the brutal treatment of terror suspects, according to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report released Tuesday.”

Yet the likes of Biden—and many other libs—declared that it was doing America a lot of good to admit when we did something wrong. Guess he means like when Iran rushed to say sorry after hanging a woman who had defended herself from rape.

No, this CIA “torture report” was not released to enhance our international prestige; only an idiot could expect that result.  It was released as a political trick to turn America against Republicans. But remember: the acts of Democrats invariably harm the Nation.

Therefore, we have to consider that disgracing our nation before the entire world was intended. We should also be aware of something else the ABC reporter said: that other nations will be far less likely to cooperate with our intelligence service in the future, lest they also be deemed guilty of criminal acts.

So, once again, Democrats have committed an act that will both demean and weaken the United States. I call that giving aid and comfort to our enemies.