Questions from a lurker

I have seen some references to  contacting the WAPO ombudsman.  How common/influential  are ombudsman, and do Newsweek, Time, CNN, MSNBC  etc have anyone comparable?
Who on this site has the access to  the MSM ?  It is incredible that they haven’t had to answer to ignoring VJ  during the torrent of unsavory disclosures…ignoring Yosi Sergant  fiasci…and now ACORN videos etc.

I  agree with Hannity who today said that Tes Parties will direct a lot of their anger towards the media.

Finally, what prevent some-one like Gingrich when he is on Meet the Press this sunday to hijack the discussion and let the viewer know that the Emporor has no clothes.  Just like in the Presidential debates where the moderator asks a question and Obamo ignores it and instead uses it as an opportunity to spit out his talking points.

For instance if a republican is asked about Joe Wilson and the lack of civility he should open a can of whoop a** . Educate the viewer about  conceerns about the czars…lack of investigating ACORN et al,  and  do a good Glen Beck impersonation to a viewer who probably still hasn’t heard of Van Jones. Republicans and conservatives seem to want to convince the opponent….they need to focus on educating the ignorant (I’m not a haterl)  viewer that isn’t a political junky like me.

This was my first post..sorry for the rambling thoughts. (I’ll go back to lurking now)