Iran, Now wants to talk about it!

Now that President Obama has signed into law a new defense bill which contains fresh sanctions on Iran, the regime in Tehran is, all of a sudden, insisting on new round of talks concerning its nuclear program.

It is of course no coincidence why Iran is now demanding the stalled p5+1 talk to swiftly resume, and from what I’ve gathered, the West should not expect anything more then the same cat-and-mouse games Tehran have been playing for the past decades..

Iran’s offer of new talk is mostly due to the fact they can no longer ignore the massive damage the current sanctions are having on their economy and wants to desperately fend off any plan of new sanctions.

At the same time, it is obvious they aren’t willing to give up their nuclear program, therefore, their latest offer  is just a way to buy time while convincing the West to halt any planning of new sanctions.

The regime’s plan

The regime is hoping that if/once new round of p5+1 talk is accepted, new sanction will have to be aborted so to give talks a chance. At that point, Iran sole intention would be to stretch the length of these talks for as long as possible until it can cross the nuclear-weapon finish-line…The regime believe that if/or once it crosses this red line, the West would be forced to accept it as a nuclear power and then proceed to remove all sanctions since their means of being would have failed to stop Iran from obtaining Nuclear Weapon capacity..

Many high ranking Iranian officials hold the believe that if they can resist these hardening western sanctions for a while longer, the reward would be worth the current economic pains they are enduring.

The reward, according to them, would be for the international community to elevate Iran as the #1 power in the middle east. This, would in turn, legitimize Iran’s massive meddling into the affair of neighboring Arab countries.

The problem with this scenario is, a nuclear-armed newly-legitimized Iran would be completely embolden and it  will convince them the West is in retreat-mode, therefore, its time for them to go on offense..Meaning more covert terrorist bombing, intimidation and  political assassinations, just like the one we’ve seen in the 2005 murder of then, Lebanon  Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri… 

With the exception of launching the nukes at anyone,  Iran will believe its nuclear arms gives it the right to do anything it pleases and this is why Iran must be stopped from obtaining such weapon.

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