Can Carly Fiorina win the nomination?

Carly Fiorina Can She Win

Let’s state the obvious. Being the only female in a crowded race for the nomination endears Carly Fiorina to certain GOP voters. This is enough to get her support, fair or not, but is it enough to get her the nomination?

For complete transparency, I’m leaning her way so if this comes across as biased, it is at least a little. With that said, I am both open-minded and I want to beat the Democrats more than I want any particular Republican to win. If someone is a better choice for the nomination, I’m not going to protest with a non-vote. The country needs Fiorina, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Trump… heck, I’d take Bush over Sanders or Clinton.

Back to Fiorina. Her business chops are being questioned. HP isn’t a glowing example of prime time executive decision making from their leaders before, during, and after Fiorina’s stint there. My only beef with this mentality is that she may have done the best with a company that was a little behind the times. In technology, that’s a kiss of death but they’ve managed to prosper despite a string of failures that stretches for over a decade.

Her conservatism is also being questioned. This is a little unfair in my opinion because her past perspectives are no more liberal than Trump’s but it doesn’t seem to be hampering him. I contend that she’s currently more conservative than Kasich, Christie, Bush, Trump, or Pataki.

Those are the negatives. Now for the positives. She’s arguably the third most intelligent of the 15 remaining behind Cruz and Carson. It’s clear that she’s doing her homework and has a grasp of the geopolitical world that exceeds some of her seasoned competitors.

She’s passionate. I’m not just talking about being fiery. She seems to truly care for America, something that I doubt with Trump and Bush. Her passion comes through more clearly than Carson’s and in some of the most important issues she seems to be aligned with Rubio’s level of ferocity.

Lastly, her ability to attack seems to be strong. She can attack Clinton or any of the Democrats very nicely. How she is handling Trump is winning her points. How she attacked CNN and the RNC resulted in a victory both symbolically and in real air time for the debate.

Can an outsider that used to be fairly liberal win over the GOP base?

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