Democrat Logo: Fixed It For You

PDB Watch is a little late to the party but it finally struck us this week exactly what the new look Democrat logo really needs. First, see the new look Democrat logo. Pretty (D)umb, right?

Let’s examine it. The dim D, apparently standing for dim Democrat, is surrounded by the much bolder O, apparently standing for bold Obama. This illustrates the subservient nature of the Democratic Party to the personality cult of Obama. That personality cult is very important to the brave new progressive future of the USA under Maximum Leader Obama. There are also three fonts in this logo, to demonstrate the incoherent policies and behavior of Democrats. And there is the same vacuous Change in the slogan, promising who knows what and delivering (D)isappointment and (D)espair to everyone. Good choices, Democrats. You have made a good start at describing Democrats’ (D)umb progressive party.

But that slogan isn’t quite there yet. Our crack staff thought that the circled D looked like a letter grade. Since the Democrats have manifestly failed in all they tried to do, it can’t be the right grade. But it needs to have a D to refer to Democrats, right? So let’s move that grade in the right direction and make the slogan match.

However, there is another possibility. D- might have been Obama’s letter grade from Harvard.

That answer makes sense all right. But why would the Democrats want to advertise Obama’s grades now, when they could have proved he actually passed Harvard without cheating by releasing these before the 2008 elections. Of course, Obama did give himself a grade of B-. Perhaps if the Democrats want to really become the Barack-ocrat Party they should just go all in now. Here is a logo that emphasizes the Barackyness of the Democratic Party and also reminds the voters of one of their proudest allies: The teachers’ unions that have made such a huge contribution to the nation’s failing schools and the Democrats’ election funds.

After Velma Hart made her famous comment about Hot Dogs and Beans, the staff thought perhaps that the new reality Democrats had brought to Americans should be part of their logo. So they simplified back down to the original logo and changed the slogan to recall one of the Democrats’ finest 16 years: The Great Depression that was sustained and intensified by FDR’s brain trust and its meddling in the economy.

But, you know the fact is that D just doesn’t cut it. D is too high a grade for progressive Democrats. Unlike in school, effort doesn’t count in real life. What counts is results. The real grade must be a low F. To really run on their undefeated record of failure after failure, going back 80 years to when Franklin Delano Roosevelt stretched out a one year recession into a 16 year Great Depression, every single economic and other decision made by the progressive FDR type of Democrats has proved that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and stupid Democrat policies.

We at PDBWatch believe this final logo for the Democrats, errrrm Failocrats, ably sums up the history of their party in the 20th and 21st century. It’s time to consign the progressive Democrats and all their logos to the ash-heap of history, to lay there beside the similarly totalitarian ideologies of Mr. Mao and Mr. Lenin and the rope they bought to hang us with.

This post was originally posted at PDBWatch and has been revised for posting at Redstate.