Thou Shalt Have no God before the Holy Godking Obama

What do you call a Satire that only uses found materials that the phenomenon you are satirizing takes seriously? I call it comic gold!

Much like the Emperors Caligula and Nero before him, and the Amon-Ra-begot Pharoahs before them, Emperor Obama has ascended to the rank of the deified Godkings.

Buy the Little Blue Book of the sayings of Comrade Barack Obama. Read it. Learn it. Love it.

Watch the Prayer to the Godking

Participate in the Prayer to the Godking

Learn the call and response to participate as fluently as these practiced worshippers from SEIU and ACORN.

Priestess: We are here for the healing of the nation

People: Yes

To the prophet Jeremiah we cry out
Is there no balm in Gilead?
Is there no physician here?
Why has not the health of my poor people been restored?

Hear our cry Obama

With the prophet MLK we cry out of all the barbs and inequalities
Injustice in healthcare is the most inhumane

Hear our cry Obama

From healthcare systems and industries that place profits over people

Deliver us Obama

From lobbying efforts that block access to quality healthcare for all

Deliver us Obama

From greed and fear that replace the reality of God’s abundance and the power of community with the myths of scarcity and isolation

Deliver us Obama

From scapegoatism of immigrants, from blaming the poor, from all the evil attitudes which deem healthcare as a right of the privileged rather than a basic human right

Deliver us Obama

Protect all those who face illness without good healthcare insurance.

What a special feeling you must have after that amazing prayer. I know I have.

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