White Republicans

As financial crisis looms for the American Economy and we wait for a solution to be passed by Congress there is still business to do. Now we have to keep pressure on the media and Democrats and even Conservatives to keep a “Bail Out” as conservative as possible. We also have to not lose focus on getting the truth out about who was at fault BUT….. We also can’t lose focus that there is an election to be won. So I wanted to just bring things back to the election a bit. A point that “white republicans” need to start touching on…if they have not already. The black vote, and the black democrat vote at that. So to help inspire you a bit I wanted to say go out find just one black democrat you can find (friend or foe – friend being a better choice heheh) and start talking about the elections. Ask them if they plan to vote, If so do they know for whom yet (lol)? And when they say Obama ask them why? Just as plain as plain can be, don’t hide or cower, don’t be afraid of being called a racist or bigot or any other choice name as to be honest just cause they are not saying it they more than likely already think it about you and yes even if you are their friend they think you cannot possibly understand. But that little question will open a door for you to break down some truths to them that we as blacks are not taught. First the basic principles of conservatism, this is not part of our culture not one lesson on it all we get is media agenda and propaganda from the time of birth and now America is plagued with a whole generation that has not a clue about the truth of history as it pertains to the Republican party. As well when speaking to a democrat black or white you have to keep things simple and break away from the thought they actually know the basics. The basics of economics or the political structure etc…. So pick a subject and only one subject.

Example lets say you ask said person “Hey do you plan on voting this year?” If they say no ask why and push for it but we will assume They say: “Heck yeah” You say: “Cool – do you know who yet?”They look at you like your stupid and say “uhhh Yeah” You say politely and with all humility “who?”They say “Obama”You say: “Obama? Why is that?”Eyes wide they will probably look at you like what did you just ask me that – they say: “what do you mean”You say: “I mean why are you picking Obama?” “What do you like about his policy” what ever

Some will come out and say cause he is black others because he is democrat some will bring up specific policy But which ever it is have an answer – If they say cause he is a Democrat then ask them and what exactly do you mean by that – what is the difference between the two parties. Let them put them selves in a corner and then help them out of it. ? Now with that said

Telling a black person that the Republican Party was created for the sole purpose to end slavery is something I would say 80% don’t know. Maybe even more but it is an ice breaker into hey I understand your struggle also here are a few names of Black Republicans to through at them that I am sure 95% do not know. And here are a few other facts to go in with and of course using all humility – As there is no way to undo 30 years of brainwashing, ignorance and indoctrination but If you can inspire thought and inspire someone to think for themselves then you have created a new path for them a path to hopefully enlightenment ? – But be ready for the totally irrationally emotional response those will be prevalent as with most democrats when in a corner they name call and go into bizzaro mode, but even that is ok if you keep you cool let them ramble on and finish then bring it back to reality – there are several tactics to do this and do it well. But the most effective is going back to the basics and use allegories.

So some facts Blacks don’t know

Republican Party founded in 1854 as the anit-slavery party until today Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. It was Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the discriminatory Black codes and Jim Crow laws. They fought passage of every civil rights law from the 1860’s and continued right into the 1960’s
Democrats started the KKK Dr. Martin Luther King was a republican and was constantly fighting democrats (this will through the Democrat into a tizzy but the Black Democrat will perk up at this and be like really – No way – and perhaps though a fit as well – saying that was then this is now kinda stuff) It was president Dwight Eisenhower who pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957( He was a Republican) and sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools he also appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to US Supreme Court resulting in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of ed decision Few VERY FEW black Americans know it was Republicans who founded the Historically Black Colleges and Universities the NAACP and affirmative action (as back in the day it was needed unlike now a days and where it has been grossly corrupted by democrats – AA was actually Nixon’s counter to when Democratic President Woodrow Wilson in 1912 kicked all the blacks out of federal government jobs) was established with Richard Nixon’s Philadelphia Plan crafted by black republican Art Fletcher. John F Kennedy is lauded as a proponent civil rights leader but he voted against the 1957 civil rights act while senator as did Senator Al Gore Sr. Kennedy as president was opposed to the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King

Any way those are good starting points – Know them learn them and use them – don’t hide it is why so many of my brothers and sisters are so easily indoctrinated sometimes tough love is needed to peel the blinders off those who desperately need it and don’t even know it. If we can gain just a few to understand that will start a domino effect and maybe the next generation will not forget that the Democratic part is as it has always been the Party of the 4 S’s: Slavery, Secession, Segregation and now Socialism heheheehe (as stated by Frances Rice) – Man I might have to post this to my Blog now that I am writing it out

OK Some Prominent Black Republican names to throw out there and Just make the Democrats spin (Danger Will Robinson Danger…..LMBO) Martin Luther King Jr. Carter G. Woodson Harriet Tubman Frederick DouglassDenzel Washington Jackie Robinson Lynn SwannSammy Davis Jr. Mary McLeod BethuneColin Powel Michael L. Williams Alveda C. KingAlphonso Jackson Rod Paige Clarence ThomasMichael S. Steel J. Kenneth BlackwellDon King Edward William Brooke IIIJoe Celestin Booker T. Washington Sojourner Truth Hiram Rhodes RevelsAND THE LIST GOES ON

In Order to break the Democrats stranglehold on the black vote and free blacks from the mental slavery of the democrats’ economic plantation we must shed light of truth and not be afraid. We need to show that Democratic policies of socialism and dependency on government offer the pathway to poverty. We need to show that Republican policy and principles of we offer a hand up not just hand outs will give you the future that you dream of. There is nothing more satisfying than hard work, personal responsibility, getting a good education and ownership of your own business and home. This is the pathway to prosperity, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are not spreading some kind of disease. We are not the elitist, racists and “Uncle Tom’s” they make us out to be. We are Americans who believe We are all created equal endowed with inalienable rights from our creator. So go show some compassion and spread the light of truth because there is no time like the present and If we don’t do it now there may not be a beautiful free America much longer.

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