Obama's Tax plan with a reality check

He states consistently, “95% of Americans will not see a penny of tax increase. Only those with annual incomes over $250,000 will be effected by higher tax rates”

The truth…

Obama plans to increase taxes for big business and corporate America. To any business this is categorized as a rise in overhead. Without fail all successful business organizations will raise the price of their goods and/or services to accommodate this increase, in order to maintain or even increase their profit margin. Obama taxes “big business” more, they in turn inflate their prices, the average citizen pays for that increase in the goods they purchase.

But wait…

Every time you buy a product (with a few exceptions like food in most states) you pay a sales tax according to the price of that good. The higher the price, the more sales tax paid. So, “95% of Americans will not see a tax increase”??? Obama obviously thinks Americans more stupid than this simple economic math. Obama will hit you 95% twice over…once with higher costs of living, and second with even more sales tax going into the governmental superstructure.