Touchdown Tebows-exposing the Left's ambitions to destroy the traditional family.

Many of you were on hand this last evening to witness the destruction of the Indianapolis Colts this evening to the Nawlins Saints. (Side note to Indy fans-haha) However, what most people at RedState and around the political blogosphere have heard the most about was Tim Tebow’s mothers ad, about her decision to keep her baby, who would grow up to be the best QB outside of Austin, Texas :-). The Left, as usual went into a shrieking fit that Focus on the Family would be able to air their offensive ad for celebrating life when ordinary Americans wanted to watch ads for beer and bikini clad women on GoDaddy.com-this was no place for Focus on the Family. These people should be banned for even daring to think that the Super Bowl with its enormous viewership would be the place for Christians to spread our message. NOW and NARAL, keepers of feminazi doctrine even appealed to CBS to pull the ad on the basis of it being offensive. So offensive in fact to feminazi doctrine, that I will be more than happy to show it to you right here.

For those of you who are still waiting to be offended by this current ad, don’t worry-America is also still waiting for the outrageous part. A woman talks about how she almost lost her son, and is glad that he is alive (along with the rest of Gator Nation) and this is somehow a grave sin committed against the almighty gods of choice. You see ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what the Tebow ad did was expose the strawman of the Left. You know-we aren’t pro abortion, we are pro choice, we aren’t anti-family, we are just for every kind of family, traditional or otherwise. The Tebow ad on national television made no specific mention of abortion, other than a very subtle celebrate life as the Focus on the Family ad, yet the feminazi choice gods found it offensive enough to go to CBS to attempt to have the ad pulled. Unfortunately for them, this little episode let the cat out of the bag for the Left, and their true views are out there for the world to see.

You see the Left has a very real interest in the destruction of the traditional family, because their true vision is to transform the very fabric of American society. Their goal is for American to eschew the Judeo-Christian moral fabric America was founded on for their new age moral relativism. Any attempt to portray abortion as a life altering procedure must be destroyed from the narrative. To the Left, their goal is to make abortion as much a product of American life as getting a physical or buying a new car. This is why they wish to call it a fetus, rather than a person, because once we dehumanize something, it is acceptable to destroy it, to kill it, to eradicate it from our minds. Any attempts to frame abortion as murder must be destroyed-so those who advocate life become sexists, misogynists, fringe lunatics, Bible thumping Christians stuck in the dark ages.

The same thing is done to those who would argue in favor of the traditional family. In order to push moral relativism, these same things must be done to our children as well as our teenagers. Marriage must become an irrelevant institution, the strawman here is the high rate of divorce. The goal here is not to point out what marriage is meant to be, rather what marriage has become. Therefore the Left is more than happy to give us the final push down the slippery slope of the degeneration of the American family. Heather has two Mommies for our preschoolers, "age appropriate sex ed for kindergartners", and fisting for twelve year olds while saying F you to the "religious right". Again, those who would argue against these procedures put forth by the radicals in the Obama administration such as Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, sponsor of fisting for underage kids is branded a homophobe and fringe fundamentalist lunatic. But what is really driving the Left completely crazy is though they have attempted to redefine normality in America, America still rejects their vision. Republicans hold a 14 point lead 46-32 on the issue of abortion, a continuation of the findings last year by Gallup that America is a majority pro-life country .

Where does this leave us a party, and as a country. It leaves us to do as we having been doing since Obama was inaugurated as the only messiah the Left would ever be caught worshiping. We are left to fight for the family and to fight for our children. As the people from California to Maine fight to preserve the traditional family and reject the Left’s attempts to shift our society from tradition to moral relativism, we must ask if we are up to the task. Are we happy with RINOS Scott Brown, John McCain and Mark Kirk, who would fight to destroy the moral fiber of our society with the Left? Or do we stand for something more? Can we stand up and offer a true choice-the choice of life, the choice of the family, the choice that we will defend what made America great? Do we have the courage of Pam Tebow to make the rights choices out of morality rather than convenience, or are we content to become a majority without morals? This is the country we leave to our children-its up to us to make sure it is one they can be proud of.