Has the GOP learned its lesson? Reclaiming a conservative, not Republican majority


Tomorrow Republican Scott Brown seeks to claim victory against what once was thought of as a shoo-in coronation of Massachusetts Democrat Martha Coakley. Tomorrow we being to reclaim the idea that conservatism, even in Massachusetts is preferable to Obama’s all powerful state. We have run in many ways, the perfect candidate, Scott Brown, White Knight of Massachusetts. All of you know that I love to use the Dark Knight (it being, the great conservative movie of the decade and all), to be short Scott Brown is our Harvey Dent. The People’s candidate for the People’s seat-I believe in Scott Brown. I also believe in Marco Rubio, another bright, attractive, young conservative candidate looking to reform the way business is done in Florida, and Michael Williams, Black Conservative running in Texas. Right now, the Republicans are preparing for a 1994 like wave that will possibly propel us to take back the House and the governorships. However, while I’m making Batman references, I’m reminded of an exchange between Gotham’s White Knight and Gotham’s Mayor (Yeah Guiliani 🙂 )about promoting a likable candidate in an unlikable time full of citizen anger about the state of their government.

The public likes you, Dent. That’s the only reason this
might fly.  But that means it’s on you. They’re all coming after
you, now. Not just the mob… politicians, journalists, cops-
anyone whose wallet’s about to get lighter. Are you up to it?
You better be. They get anything on you…
those criminals will be back on the streets.
Followed swiftly by you and me
These words should echo how the Republican Party is viewed by the nation right now. As I predicted, the best thing for conservatives was to let Obama win in 2008. McCain in his compromising, backstabbing ways would get all of Obama’s domestic agenda passed in the name of being a Maverick and the failures would be blamed solely on the Republicans. As I said let all of the failures of a socialist administration be hung around the necks of the Democrats. As we can see, the populist revolt is against the folks in charge, and they will be going to pay at the polls. The public clamors for an alternative, a Harvey Dent that they can believe in. Obama sold himself as a Harvey Dent, an agent of change but was found to be peddling the same old socialism the Democrats have been pushing since LBJ’s Great Society.
So the question to the Republican Party is whether we are ready to offer a choice and not an echo. Whether we will fall into the same old bad spending habits of the Bush Congress. Whether we will actively pursue a fight over radical judicial nominees the way Democrats threw a fit over Bush’s nominees. Will we actively pursue a conservative agenda, along the way replacing John Cornyn with Jim Demint and moving forward with the choice, not an echo? The public is ready for change, but are we ready to be the real change the people can believe in? These are the questions that the Party must ask itself through the end of the November elections. If we do not provide a successful alternative to the socialism, we will be the Party of no, instead of the party of yes.
Lets become the party of yes-yes to cutting taxes. Yes to charter schools. Let us stand up and say yes to disarming terrorist and rogue nations around the world. Yes to smaller government, and disabling a crippling bureaucracy that will not allow for the unleashing of the free market and reviving the economy. Yes to the sanctity of life, with no exceptions. Yes to the ordinary, freedom loving people who make up the Tea Party Patriots. Yes to saving our family and providing a safe and secure environment for our children to grow up. There are 535 seats that belong to the people, and its time to take them back. I believe in Harvey Dent-its time for the people to believe in good again. It is always darkest before the dawn. Lets bring America back into the light.
Scott Brown for Senate.
Marco Rubio for Senate.
MIchael Williams for Senate.
MIke Cox for Michigan Governor.