How do you solve a problem like Sarah? The new face of the movement is change the GOP should believe in

Sarah Palin

As anyone who is not living under a rock knows, Governor Palin wrote a book about her experiences as McCain’s VP, as well as about family and life. While the mere fact that the woman who is unable to read can write a book was news to the Left, the fact that it shed some light on why her role as VP was botched has driven the far Left and the Republican Left completely insane, much like anything that might make the unfortunate mistake of mentioning Governor Palin’s name these days. Whenever you hear Sarah! mentioned in the MSM, or even in mainstream conservative circles, you can be sure that it will be accompanied by some kind of derision or sarcasm from the press, who see her as a dumb Alaskan hick leading the stupid Christians and fringe nutcases by the collar. But unfortunately for the Left, their psychology surrounding Sarah is quite clear; to quote The Dark Knight (one of the best and most conservative movies made in this decade) “the fact that they’re trying to kill you means you’re getting to them.” And that my friends is the problem with Sarah!-she has exposed the Left and is seizing the leadership mantle of the Right, and while putting a sexy fresh face on the conservative movement.

What Sarah has done by embracing the Tea Party movement, and the conservative movement is divide the party. She has drawn a line in the sand and stated clearly, and unabashedly that she stands with the conservative wing of the conservative party, and that it is more important for us to be a party with values and principles, than a party that is willing to stand for anything and fall for everything. This is the key to revitalizing the Republican Party-as much as some of us would at times want to pack our balls and go home, the only way for conservatism to have a political voice is within the structure of the Republican Party. Thus, we need to take our party back from the McCain wing of the party that wishes to tell us, like they told Sarah, to sit down, shut up, and bat our eyelashes for the cameras. Unfortunately for McCain and his minions, Sarah is a better reflection for the GOP than he is, based on the Rasmussen Report that 59 percent of Republicans believe that Sarah! best reflects our values, compared with the fact that 74 percent of folks in the GOP think that the Republicrats in Washington are out of touch with their base.  A new leader brings a new direction, and the fear that the fat cats could lose their place in the Washington elite and actually ::gasp:: be held accountable for their voting comes as a shock to most of the Congressional GOP. So why attack and address the message, when it is far easier to attack the messenger?

Governor Palin has promised to take the Republican Party in a new direction, one that Gingrich, McCain and their wing of the party are bound and determined not to take it. While Gingrich tells We the People to lie down and take a liberal being shoved down our throats, Palin advises us to stand up and fight. And as McCain goes from state to state, campaigning and fighting for liberal Republican candidates to stop the growing conservative movement within the party, Palin endorses the conservative candidates and speaks and campaigns on their behalf. It is no wonder that Mark Kirk, former McCainiac and aspiring Senator has written Palin, begging for her endorsement. NY23 has changed the game for Sarah Palin-she is no longer the former governor who resigned to early for a book deal. Sarah! is now shaping the party, and deciding who is worthy of the blessing (and GOTV soldiers) of the movement. Dede’s kiss of death was just the beginning.

We know know from Going Rogue that McCain and his people tried to muzzle Sarah, and control her throughout the campaign, a campaign that would have been further lost without her. We know that Sarah can energize crowds, decide an election and provide a boost or boon to a candidate who does not meet the conservative standards that she has help set within the party. The real problem that the Leftists have with Sarah is that she is Rudy without the legendary snarl. Sarah is a fighter, and one who is unwilling to back down to the folks who want to put her in a corner as a folksy but airheaded politician whose greatest accomplishment is being able to see Russia from her house. I admit, I orginially thought that the 2008 blunders were too much-until I started listening to what she had to say. The woman is conservative as it gets, and more importantly, she is willing to fight for the conservative cause, something that not even Fred ::ducks EPUS gunshot:: is willing to do. Considering this former Fredhead can become a Sarahcudda trooper, the question is not how do you solve a problem like Sarah; for the conservative movement, it is how many matches do we need for someone willing to pick up Reagan’s torch? It’s time to go rogue and make a differenec in our party and in our country. I asked a couple weeks ago where was our Leonidas? Perhaps our Spartan was a woman all long. You betcha! 😉

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