Conservatives fight like the brave 300, now where is our Leonidas?

As promised, your favorite Black Conservative returns with a vengeance to the blogging world, like Sarah Palin, EPU, David Hinz, janis, bsimpson, Gamecock, AceInTx, and all of my blogging friends proud to be conservative and not Republican. I took a non voluntary break due to my inability to prevent ordering gaps in my internet service, only to find that the political world is turning upside down, and the Party still does not get it, begging the question, will they ever get it? All over the country, from California to New York, we have the chance to change the makeup of the Republican Party from a party that appeases the Left to one that actively opposes the liberal agenda. Not only can we change the party, but polls show across the board that the term conservative is up even as Republican remains down in the age of Obama. And what does the Party have to say about this-Shut up, and get in line.

The latest example? NY23, where Doug Hoffman, a credible and conservative challenger running under the banner of the Conservative Party being endorsed by Sarah Palin, former VP of what used to be the opposition party to the Left’s agenda. NY23 being a solid R district, it is certainly one of the districts where we should be pushing the most conservative candidate, rather than the squishiest moderate who will maverick as soon as the New York Times comes calling. 2009 and 2010 seem to be banner years for conservatives, who have a chance to repeat 1994 if we could muster up the chance to fight. In a year of irony, Newt Gingrich plays Efialtis, the traitor who shows the Persians the path to victory by standing with the moderates, and kneeling to the party establishment, which wants us, the common people to kneel to it as a false god.

As I said, this is happening all over the country, with the party establishment countrywide working for the moderates and against conservatives who have an equal chance to win. We see it with Mr. Hoffman in New York, we see it happening with Marco Rubio in Florida, and we see it happening with Chuck Devore in California. Here in Michigan, we have a fighting chance of getting a true conservative as governor with Mike Cox, the attorney general proving that Michigan will elect conservatives if given the chance. However more often than not, the Republican Party has presented itself as Xerses, the Persian God, planning to take over and step over those who are unwilling to knee, as most of us are. We are the men who have carried the party on our back, blogging, fighting, joining committees and working as precinct captains for the Republican Party. And what is our thanks? They spit in our faces and work to remake the party to look like John McCain(McCain Party). However, it is not as though this should be surprising given McCain’s recent pledge to help Kirk in Illinois, Crist in Florida, and a host of other candidates around the country hijack our party and swing it to the Left and become liberals while the Democrats march towards socialism.

It is time for conservatives to stand and fight for what we believe in, against the Left of both parties. This is not a time for us to appease our enemies, as Obama and McCain continue the march towards Gomorrah. This is a time for the brave 300 to rise up and fight against the tyranny for liberty. This is about more than just an election, this is about the future of our nation. We have seen that simply having an R after your name is not enough. Giving the country to the McCainiacs would be almost as bad as giving it to the Obamas. Liberalism in the name of maverickism or socialism hardly sounds like a choice. Out of control spending with nods towards earmarks (which really isnt much when you look at the whole of our budget), abortion on demand, the eradication of the family and the church as the building block of society, and the breaking of America as a superpower and the end of American exceptionalism. The liberals and socialists want to break America and rob it of greatness to appease our enemies and the countries they want as our friends. They believe that if only we gave away our healthcare and taxed our rich and our businesses to another country, and eliminated God and guns folks would like us more.

Every great army has had a great leader, be it a great general (Patreaus will never betray us, hoo-ra) or a great commander in chief (George W. Bush, you had your problems, but security of America was never one of them). Where is our leader who will fight for our values? That leader is inside of all of us, the Tea Party goers, the town hall protesters, the 9/12 marchers. Obama says that we get in line and do what we are told, and Gingrich who is unable to lift his spear and fight with us tells us to get in line for the Republican Party. If we lose, we lose with glory, we lose with principle, we lose with honor. But by God, we must fight. We must fight so we can hold our heads high and tell our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren that there is an America that we believe in, an America that believes in liberty, freedom, and justice. Conservatives cannot stand and wait for a Leonidas to lead us, because right now we have none but ourselves. Pawlenty is an establishment fraud and a coward, Fred gets bored too easily and Sarah couldn’t even finish being governor. That puts me in the shaky position of looking at Huckabee who has backed conservatives like Rubio, called out the bailouts, and being moving and staying to the Right since 2008. But the real conservative fighter is within all of us, who will not let the Obamas and McCains tell us to kneel. Between Death and Surrender, there is an easy choice. Spartans never retreat, never surrender. America is worth fighting for.