It takes a family to fix a government:Moral relativism in the age of Obama

It has of course, been a long while since I have blogged on a regular basis; in fact it was only this week that I have begun re-establishing my presence on RedState, reborn from BlackRepub to BlackConservative, the name I hold today. When I first began blogging, four years ago, I was simply here, on Redstate.org (smile) as a Republican, looking for someplace to vent in the midst of two extremely liberal colleges (Texas and Wesleyan). I made my bones as a libertarian, railing against both the Left and Right,  fancying myself as an all knowing McCain like Maverick conservative, more concerned about appearing above all pro-free market regardless of the moral implications of that free market. As someone who cut their political teeth during the Bush years, I wrongly assumed that the failures of the Bush administration were due to the social conservative movement stranglehold on the administration, forcing President Bush to turn a blind eye to fiscal issues.

Four years later, we have a new president, and I, aided by the births of my two wonderful, healthy (and at times overactive) boys, see a new purpose in life, and within my mission inside of the GOP. While I hold firm in my belief that the free market is the answer to our fiscal problems, it is impossible to look at the fiscal problems without also addressing the moral crisis that America faces in the age of Obama. I once was a moral relativist myself, having adopted the libertarian stance that the government should stay out of all affairs and let the people govern themselves. This is not a stance that I have abandoned; however it must be noted that one persons freedom should not be allowed to trample on someone else’s. While the Left believes in the village of Big Government overseeing the bitter, clinging people in flyover country, I know that it is not a village and all purposeful Big Brother government that the people need, but the family. While I once viewed this as the talk of radical Christian fundamentalists, it has become abundantly clear under Obama that the family is under attack.

Many of my socially conservative friends told me that I would become more socially conservative as I grew older with my two sons. I scoffed then, but I look now and see the need for a return to moral values and sensibilities as I worry about what kind of world that I am sending my children off to, both in the sense of school, and in the sense of morality around them. The problem is not the Christian Right attempting to foist a morality on the United States,a s I previously believed, but a need to defend our way of life from the liberal left which would seek to destroy our institutions in the name of the “common good”. I of course, can turn to the arguments for both abortion and gay marriage to confirm this moral decay. Liberals want us to turn a blind eye to both abortion and gay marriage because they are convenient for adults. The need to get rid of something out of a matter of convenience is simply the way things are supposed to be done according to today’s leftist. It is not a question of whether it is right or wrong for a woman to kill something living inside of her, it is simply a question of whether this decision makes the woman happy and feel better about her place in society. The same goes with marriage: it does not matter that marriage is created for the purpose of a family, and raising children within that marriage; in today’s society, marriage has shifted from being about children, to a societal need to confirm a sexual relationship between two adults. Since Walmart marriage for convenience is already on the table, it is no surprise that with this we are also treated to no fault, easy out divorce which makes it easier to get out of a marriage than it does to break a contract for chicken feed.

But really BlackCon, why should you care? Why should it matter what two loving couples choose to do within the walls of their own home? Shouldn’t we, as conservatives support freedom and liberty? I know these are the counter arguments, because I once made them in a diary on Redstate where I made the conservative case for gay marriage. However, my road to Damascus has been paved with light, in seeing that it is not a case where both parties are able to co-exist peacefully. Marriage is only the tip of the iceberg in which the liberals have used to seek and destroy the family. We have already seen how the gay rights agenda has begun the breakdown of Christian society, which would be more than happy to live in peace, undisturbed by the government. But when liberal insist on Christians adopting the gay agenda, that is when we are called to fight back for our own things. This has begun in Massachussetts, where the Catholic Church was forced to close because it would not adopt to gay couples in Catholic Charities. How long before Christian Churches would be stripped of their tax exempt status and sued for refusing to marry gay couples? How long before Catholic and Christian schools would be sued for discrimination for refusing to allow “Heather has two mommies” in their kindergarten classrooms? And what’s more, how is this appropriate material to begin discussing with kindergarterners in the first place?

The proof is in the pudding of the Obama administration, which employs a man who believes the Earth would be better without people, a man who believes in forced sterilization and abortions, a weather underground terrorist, someone who believed 9/11 was government conspiracy, and most recently, the Safe School Czar who wants to “queer the elementary schools”, has a goal of promoting the homosexual agenda within the classroom, and encouraged a child to continue to seek sex with older men as long as he is sure to wear a condom. The President who told us that personnel is policy, and to judge him by the people he surrounds himself with, has presented this statement to America: the age of morality is over, and the age of moral relativism has begun.

This is unfortunate not only for all Americans, but especially for African-Americans, who are the hardest hit among dysfunctional families, and because of this, unsurprisingly, are most affected by crime, abusive relationships, teenage pregnancy, and of course, a disproportional amount of abortions. Where people like former Senator Santorum stood up and addressed this with among other things, the Welfare Reform act, from Obama, Black America has been treated as if it does not exist other than when it is necessary for a photo op. Obama claims to believe that the key to Black America’s success is through the creation of stronger families, and yet gives all of the power to the Left which seeks to destroy the family that even he claims to understand is the key to success for the impovershed.

So where does that leave us as a party? It leaves us to take up the mantle of the family, because this is no time for hyphenated conservatism. Too many of us, myself included, sat back like fat cats in the Bush years, all too content to fight amongst ourselves while we were certain we were marching towards a permanent Republican majority. We must remember that our 90 percent friends are not our 10 percent enemies, in every single facet of conservatism. We must throw out the liberal McCainiacs, who seek the moral relativism of accomplishment and praise over principled leadership and moral stands. If we are to die like Leonidas and the 300 Spartans, let us make a glorious stand for conservatism, for we know that a new army of conservative Spartans is coming. Now is no time to appease and kneel to our liberal enemies in the name of compromise. We will fight, we will fight, we will fight. Because in the end, it is not our village that is under attack, but our families. And our children deserve it.