Is History Doomed To Repeat Itself? We ignore Iran at our own peril

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“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”-Barry Goldwater

As I write this, the United States is in a crisis mode, with everything from the economic meltdown on Wall Street, to the upcoming elections between John McCain and Barack Obama. It seems that in an election year, absolutely everything is magnified; threats are bigger, blips are catastrophes, and losses in war become bloodbaths. Yet throughout all of this, I am unsatisfied with both of the candidates’ positions in the War on Terror. Let me begin by saying that the United States has done an excellent job of recovering from the Bush administration’s bungling of the Iraq War to the point where victory has gone from impossible to a strong possibility. The promotion of General Patraeus also gives me great hope that he will continue to take the fight to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, where they are attempting to grow strong once more. Yet through all of this fighting against Al-Qaeda, we slowly allow our true enemies to gain power.

<p>Ladies and gentlemen, once again there is a specter invading the world again, the specter of imperial expansion, and our enemies are preparing for war as we sit and try to appease them just as we attempted to appease our enemies in World War II. We ignored Hitler, and attempted to appease him, and let him convince the world that he was for peace, and then we were all shocked when he began to invade Western Europe. The same thing is happening today as Iran pretends to have nuclear ambitions for peace, and out of the other side of their mouths, they call for Israel to be wiped off of the face of the Earth. Iran must not and cannot be allowed to gain nuclear capabilities, because we will know when they have been successful when a nuclear bomb is dropped on Tel Aviv. However, this is obviously not just an Iranian problem. The Iranians are aided by their allies in <s> Russia </s> the USSR, who have been moving back to their old ways as the Communist superpower they were before the Gipper destroyed them. Meanwhile, China continues to fund Iran’s weapons with the full knowledge that we are indebted to them economically, tying our hands militarily.</p>

Many people say that the United States is not supposed to be the world’s police force; however, since we are always the world’s savior we do have the right to protect ourselves. As the tyrant dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims that the era of “the American empire is over”, he plans to build his own Islamic empire and expand as Hitler did, murdering Jews in the process. The man who claims that the Holocaust never happened and that the “Zionist bankers” are responsible for the financial problems of America and Western Europe shows the same signs of anti-Semitic race baiting to a people that are all too willing and ready to blame the Jews for their problems, just as Germany was willing to blame the Jews for their economic problems. And make no mistake, Ahmadinejad would make the Holocaust look like a family barbecue, for his barbaric hatred of Jews makes Hitler look like a instrument of world peace. We cannot allow this madman to gain nuclear power, because he wants not energy, but weapons of war. We made the mistake of waiting until Hitler had already attacked to prepare for war with the Axis powers. Our enemies have already prepared for war; last month’s Soviet excursion into Democratic Georgia was simply a drill for more Soviet expansion, just as they did in the earlier part of the 20th century. I am willing do risk being labeled extremist and paranoid, for it is better to be paranoid that to let the next version of Hitler rise to power and begin to expand. The Iranian threat must be destroyed, and the Soviets must be vanquished before they can become the superpower that they wish to become. A World War III cannot be waged on our enemy’s terms, and we cannot wait for the war to be declared in the form of a mushroom cloud on Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. This is not a time for a moderate pursuit of justice, but a time for America to shine our light brightly for the rest of the world. We must show that America will always stand up to the enemies of freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness, and not let those who choose to amass power through fear, terror and tyranny control the world. We let one Holocaust happen, we must not stand idly while the second happens. As we look forward to the election, there are some things that matter more than electoral colleges. We must continue to fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness at home and abroad. America is an exceptional nation, and the values that make us a great superpower make us exceptional and leaders to the world. We must be extremists in defense of liberty for extreme times, and we must pursue justice fully, not as moderates. The former Repub turned cowboy Maverick decrees it so, the only question is which path will our nation choose. When the smoke clears will it be said that America stood for greatness, or will we be remembered as falling as all other great civilizations did, because we sought to appease terror rather than stand up and fight. There is only one man who I trust to fight for us, and I only hope that President McCain will not wait for the rest of the world, but be willing to take on the next phase of the War on Terror unilaterally if necessary, for the sake of the world, even in the ungrateful region of Western Europe.