“Black in America”: The war against fascism in 2008

Much has been made recently of liberal network CNN’s decision to showcase a program called “Black in America”. In this age of constant political correctness as well as extreme liberal bias, this was a documentary that posed as factual news while merely serving as intellectual masturbation for the Political Left. In arguments that have been rebutted time and time again by Black intellectuals from Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, and even liberal Black columnist Juan Williams, the Left is still content to maintain the facts that African-Americans are in a financial rut because of the catastrophic effects of slavery. This caused me to take a deep breath rather than screaming, and wonder to myself, really? In 2008, generations who have not even known segregation, let alone slavery are suffering from the adverse effects of something that occurred over 200 years ago. And so because the argument that Blacks are affected because of racial instability in consistently made on the Left to the point where many repeat these arguments as known facts, it has become necessary to look at where the Left chooses to fight its battles; as long as the GOP and conservatives are unwilling to have the conversation about race in the name of forgoing the acknowledgement of identity, we will cede ground to the Left and the Democratic Party to continue to brainwash generation after generation.

Up first is the idea of education, one of my favorite battering rams to use against the Left. Many people argue that it is the poor financial status of the schools that causes schools in predominantly African-American neighborhoods to do poorly. Many liberals point to the fact that as long as schools are financed based on property taxes, there will continue to be a large achievement gap between Blacks and whites and Asians. Ah, but there is a key, insomuch that this is not simply a Black-White achievement gap; rather this is an achievement gap between Blacks, Whites and Asians. In addition, African-Americans even trail Latinos who have to overcome a language barrier to achieve in school, and who have a mean income very similar to African-Americans. So what it comes down to is not property taxes, but the ability of the public school system to monopolize the free market unlike any other business in the country. While there is a problem with the coddling and swaddling of African-American students by liberals, the real problem is the lack of choice within the public school system through the great equalizer of our society, the free market. This is where the Democrats prove themselves to be so dangerous, because while they talk about the evil of big business controlling the little guy, they are in charge of the biggest business of all-the public school system and the teachers unions, who vehemently oppose anything that would challenge their status as protected radicals who are given a free ride to indoctrinate children with whatever agenda comes to their minds that particular day. School choice would allow schools to actually function as legitimate businesses, in the sense of performing or being closed, rather than continuing to act as a shadow business benefiting only the employers and not the customers. This is brought up because schools are the first blow when we talk about inequality between the races, but by going point by point, it is not schools but liberalism that is killing African-Americans.

Since its inception as we define liberalism in the 1960s, liberalism has been the most destructive factor for African-Americans in the United States. It began with the beginning of the welfare state and LBJ’s “Great Society”, which destroyed the Black family by replacing fathers with Uncle Sam and focusing on shipping a busload of African-American kids to all white schools rather than focusing on educating all skin colors of children. The welfare state which began in the 1960s, is the single most responsible factor for the destruction of African-Americans, because rather than giving African-Americans more responsibility in lieu of the progress Blacks had made in terms of integrating and fully functioning as equal citizens of American society, the government negated these accomplishments by implementing affirmative action, showing the world that Blacks were not able to achieve on merit; rather Blacks must be included to meet racial quotas, and constantly be questioned on whether there really was a more deserving person to get their job, place in school, or house. The Honorable Justice Clarence Thomas mentions this in his book, My Grandfather’s Son, that his degree in Yale was treated almost as invalid because there was the sentiment that he received it not on merit, but based on the color of his skin. And the final blow on Blacks and liberalism comes in the denunciation of the Moynihan Report, which reports that the Black family is in a crisis, as racist conservative diatribe. Here is where liberals make their bread and butter, and where the line between liberalism and fascism becomes blurred in the way that this becomes a shibboleth to liberals, that any disagreement on the basis of race becomes racist and just as importantly, conservative. The entire goal is to change their opponent from a disagreeing human to a monster, in which only they can conquer. And that is how liberalism functions today in 2008.

We see the swirling of liberalism in fascism from everything from their talk about race to their leader, Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. This is one of the most important points that must be made, because Obama is, and never will be the candidate of African-Americans. Obama is much more dangerous because he is the candidate of the American Far Left, which includes everyone from Jesse Jackson to Bill Ayers, to more violent radical anarchist groups. And Obama is the cultural icon of fascism, who says things like he is the symbol of the possibility of America returning to her best traditions. Like the fascists who preceded him, Obama seeks to become more than a man running for President; Obama wishes to become a symbol of something bigger. These signs began early in his campaign with his constant talk to his supporters that “we are the change that we’ve been waiting for”, evoking the image of a Messiah rather than a President. Like the fascists of the past, the media is there to consistently reinforce their message from Chris Matthews indicating that Obama gives him a “tingle up his leg”, to anchors comparing him to the last sainted President, John F Kennedy, talking of how someone like Obama comes along only “once in a century.” The media has been for Obama another tool to reinforce his message of Messianic deliverance for America. And true to the legacy of the Left, Obama has already struck with the tone of race, accusing America of not wanting to support someone who doesn’t look like the other guys on the dollar bills; ie old and white. Long hailed as a disadvantage Obama knows he can frame his race as an advantage, offering whites ailed with centuries of guilt a way out; a vote in exchange for liberation from decades of claims of racism. Now, a simple I’m not racist because I voted for Obama will expunge all whites who wish to worship at the holy altar of Saint Obama, and he will deliver us the change that we have been waiting for. While Obama stokes the flames for a race war, he has attempted to blindside us with another war; the war of the fascist Left on an unsuspecting public. It is up to us to beat the Left on both fronts.