Operation Buzzkill: You vs. ObamaZombies

Ok, today is the day to start throwing bricks at Barry’s glass house.  The bad guys won but there is no reason to let them enjoy their victory. As you prepare for the holidays, know that the O-bots are gleefully waiting to taunt conservatives.  Don’t give them the satisfaction.  Go on the offense and burst their bubble immediately.  Fighting back feels good, so give it a try (and report back after the holidays). So, here are two memes for you to start thinking about and casually drop in any conversation with O’s smug supporters.

1) Bush got more votes in his re-election than Barry. What a loser, can’t even beat Bush! (This will really tick them off, even better if you use your best concern troll voice).

2) Barry got 10 Million fewer votes this time– “wow 10 million of his own people think he sucks!” he disappointed everyone…

Please add your own.  People will need as many as possible for thanksgiving… 😮  The key to any successful operation is practice, practice, practice.