Twilight Saga: Kudos to a Stealth Culture Warrior

I don’t like politics but I understand the importance of culture. I love movies, books and music. Most people do. Culture is our oxygen and it’s amazing how dismissive the Right is to culture. They brag about how much they don’t like pop culture or argue that Christians should step away from worldly things like pop culture.  BUNK!!  I respect and admire the culture warriors who have marched into the mouth of the beast and advanced the cause of freedom, liberty, and Judeo Christian values.  To the Tim Tebows, Andrew Breitbarts, Stephenie Meyers, and Elisabeth Hasselbecks: I salute you.  You fight the battle everyday, outnumbered by your opponents, and with little backup, but you fight on.  Everyday, you get up and enter the fight!  God bless you for all you do.  Reinforcements ARE coming…more and more of us join the fight every day.

The Right did not lose the culture war, it has refused to engage in the battle. This attitude has allowed Lefties to march through the schools and the entertainment industry consuming large chunks of American culture and spitting out a gross, disfigured, mutant mess that repulses sane people everywhere. I still don’t like politics but I am a 9/11 Republican. While I have been excited to find my “team,” I am amazed that the Right doesn’t understand the Left is at war with them as has been for the last fifty years. Some on the Right may know it intellectually, but they don’t understand it on an elemental or instinctual level. It is fascinating– the people on the Right who truly get this generally turn out to be former lefties such as Andrew Breitbart and David Horowitz. I get it and I’m going to help you understand.  Being Breitbart:  my goal is to interpret the Left for you and to show how you, too, can be a Happy Warrior in the Culture Wars.  I’m going to point out how the left operates and thinks, in big and small ways, to help you get into the game and fight back in your daily life.  We all can’t afford to buy a media empire (hey Koch brothers and Steve Wynn, why don’t you take on that cause).  The Left really does think differently and although we all speak the same words, they REALLY mean something different.  Rush has Snerdly, and now you have me. 😮  This week, Rush acknowledged that he was wrong to ignore the culture wars and this fight is the key to defeating the left.  Hallelujah!  Breitbart is smiling down at us and yelling “Send money, we need reinforcements to take down the media industrial complex.”

People who are waiting for the drive-by-media to die off are missing the point.  They are mistaking a format transition for a substantive change.  They are WRONG.  The driveby media isn’t dying- the format is.  Imagine if people argued that people aren’t buying vinyl records because they hate music.  WRONG!  Vinyl died because it was replaced by CD’s which are being replaced by Digital.  The power players are still the power players, they just shifted format.  People no longer subscribe to the New York times.  They don’t buy the physical paper but they can still get the content online.  If the New York times does go out of business (it won’t anytime soon), it will just reformulate on the web in a dozen different forms with the same goal- destroy conservatives.  So if you’re just waiting for the press to change their ways or be destroyed on their own, you are doomed to disappointment.  If you have a plan to build your own media empire, the world is you oyster.  We must take on the press and the entertainment culture everywhere.  We must fight back or they will continue delivering elections to the democrats.

I understand the Left on an purely instinctual level. Why? Because I grew up in the ‘hood with crazy people. I understand the crazies, the junkies, the slut-girl mentality, the “hook-me-up people, and the entire “me” generation who have no problems taking your stuff, including your life, to make their life easier. That’s why sane people get out of the ‘hood at the first opportunity. Growing up in the ‘hood hones your survival skills and you develop a 6th sense for the crazies in all forms. It’s like the scene in “They Live”– once you put on the sunglasses, you see the aliens all around you. It’s so easy that you wonder why other people can’t. As a former ghetto girl, I see many similarities between the Left and Gangbangers. The Left is full of crazy bullies and they are dangerous. Here are some examples:

1) In the ‘hood, if people feel free to wish for your death or plot how to steal your stuff, you are facing a real threat and trouble is coming. This is a RED FLAG and time to take action. Lefties, however, call for the death and destruction of conservatives and republicans all the time and yet, it is the Right who insists that they don’t really mean it. When conservatives are destroyed by the Left, the Right is shocked, SHOCKED.

2) Gangs come up with stupid, arbitrary rules that are strictly enforced. In fact, the more stupid and arbitrary the better, because to force people to do really stupid stuff allows you to flex your muscles and openly demonstrate your Power for $$, fun and amusement. The Left uses Political Correctness, a bunch of stupid and arbitrary rules, to destroy their enemies. The Left doesn’t have any problem with hate speech, they just get to unilaterally decide who is a “legitimate” object of hate. For Gangbangers and Lefties, it’s anyone who is not in their gang. In case you didn’t know, that is generally would be Christians who really believe in God, white males, and minority conservatives (especially black people who read books and do well in school). It’s open season on them 24/7.

I am not part of the Doom and Gloom crowd because it is a waste of time but, mostly, because the takers have always outnumbered the makers. Given the media war on conservatives, the unfettered brainwashing by guv’ment schools, and the daily trashing by the entertainment industry, it’s AMAZING that republicans win elections at all.  The fact republicans win so many elections is a testament to the strength and resilience of their ideas and the fighting spirit of the American people. Just imagine what we could do if we ever had the wind at our backs. How do we achieve that? We win the culture war.

Each of us can fight the culture war in our own way. If you can be Breitbart, then be Breitbart. But, if that’s not your personality, there are other ways to do it. I am tired of conservatives talking about useless boycotts or dropping cable or bragging about how they haven’t been to the movies in 20 years. OMG! Exactly the wrong approach. That attitude is what has allowed Lefties to take over the movie industry and trash conservatives in every entertainment venue. Heck, it like going on a hunger strike. I would love for my enemies to starve to death. I wouldn’t have to lift a finger for them to end up dead and my conscious is clear. But, if you want to win the culture, you have to be part of the culture. The Left understands this! That’s why they disrupt your speakers, crash your events, and shout you down in the classrooms. Their goal is to push you out of the public square and they have nearly succeed. Now is the time push back. If you are reading this, then you are the RESISTANCE!

The Twilight Saga is an excellent example on how to be a stealth culture warrior. While some may mock vampires and werewolves, I argue that this is EXACTLY the way to get conservative ideas into the mainstream in a popular way. Stop lecturing and pontificating.  Every time you ask the Right a question, the answer usually involves taking a two year constitution course or how you had to have been on Reagan’s transition team for them to listen to your ideas.  Yes, you need policy but that means nothing if you can’t reach the people. I say– Be entertaining.  Be funny. Be scary.  Be soap opera-ish.  But really, you simply must BE THERE to win the fight.  The Twilight books / movies were  written by a Mormon who  created a billion dollar industry. Why?  Because she wrote a good story that entertained the audience.  Along the way, she inserted conservative ideas that influenced a generation of kids.  This week, young people camped out to see a movie.  They argued the merits of Team Edward versus Team Jacob.  The want to be Bella, a young woman who risked her life to keep her baby. Twilight has done more to advance the culture of life than any anti-abortion manifesto. In the hook-up culture, Stephenie Meyer had to come up with a good reason for teens not to have sex on their first meeting.  She came up with vampires and werewolves. KUDOS TO HER!!!

Great conservative values in the Twilight Saga:

Bella loves and respects her parents. She is different from the typical hollywood brat mugging for the camera and you hope is killed by the manic with a chainsaw.

Bella has great friends. The kids in Bella’s new school welcome her and befriend hair. The kids are normal and there is no Trench Coat Mafia vibe. They are good kids who don’t insult their parents and act like jerks so that we don’t spend the whole time wishing death on them.

No sex before marriage. Edward insists on this (but, but, men are pigs) and Bella is forced to take a re-evaluate the messages she’s been bombarded with her whole life “it’s just sex” “sex doesn’t mean anything.” Also note, that when they DO have sex, it’s lots and lots of GREAT sex. Suki, suki, now.

Edward vs Jacob (Both Good Men) – Bella must chose between two GOOD guys who love her. Wow. Most romantic comedies are neither romantic or funny and you spend most of you time wondering why anyone would want the hateful, disgusting “perfect couple” or why the woman is torn between two jerks.

Bella must choose her future- and accept the consequences of her actions including the pros and the cons. Wow, kids actually evaluating their choices and making the best choice for them. Sure beats the drunken, orgy fests in every teen flick. Bella’s future is not something that happens to her after partying too hard.  It is a deeply personal, thoughtful process that she decides for herself.  You go, girl!

Belle sacrifices for her child. Boy, did the pro-aborts explode over that one. I read a review on Amazon where the woman going off on the “rabid pro-life message” of the story. Imagine that, a woman loving her unborn child is “rabid.” The Lefties hate this series. But, that hasn’t stopped MILLIONS of people from embracing it. MORE movies like this. Faster, please.

This weekend, millions of people are going to watch a movie where people love each other and are willing to die for each other.  They FIGHT back against evil!  They fight back even when it is hard and victory is not assured.  We should support movies that support our values.  Let people know why you like it.  Support the producers and film makers and give them ammunition to develop the next Twilight saga.   Go on message boards, forums, and talk with friends.  Say why you like it / or not.  Give ideas of movies that you would like to see.  Say, I love movies like ____ and I would love to take my family and friends to see more like it. The marketing people read the entertainment sites and are taking notes. They want your money. Engage the culture! That’s how we will win.