Roberts Punked Out- No more stealth judges

Roberts ObamaTax ruling was atrocious on every level.  His incoherent ruling is insane and so is any theory that Roberts really put one over on the libs.  ARE YOUR FRACKING KIDDING ME?  I’m not afraid to lose a fight.  But, I’m terrified when my allies try to turn a loss into a win by spouting theories that are pure BATCRAP CRAZY.   Mark Levin does the best job of debunking this nonsense.  I would just like to point out how smug and prissy Roberts justifications are for stabbing conservatives in the back.  Roberts spat on the constituion, conservatives, and George W. Bush.  No conservative will ever say again that “we can thank Bush for giving us rock solid conservatives like Roberts and Alito.”

When I read about the decision, I immediately thought about the Dred Scott case and said “Oh great, we’re all Slave States now!”  Dred Scott was one of the most heinous decisions ever and it took the Civil War to undo the damage caused by SCOTUS.  Roberts opinion is now #2. I find this Robert’s quote particularly hideous.

“It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Some pundits have quoted this as evidence of Robert’s brilliance.  Somehow, the Pelosi Reid fraud is all our fault.  BullCrap!  In the Dred Scott case, the Free States did everything right on the issue.  They negotiated and entered the Union as Free States, they elected politicians who furthered those goals.  THEY DID NOT MAKE POOR POLITICAL CHOICES!   And with the stroke of a pen, SCOTUS made them all Slave States.  Now, their citizens had to abide by the laws of the Slave States or be penalized and possibly jailed.  Thanks, SCOTUS!

Likewise, 26 states filed suit against ObamaScare.  Their people and politicians didn’t vote for the crap.  THEY DID NOT MAKE POOR POLITICAL CHOICES.  Instead their political choices were undermined by crooks like Ben Nelson who was bribed with the Cornhusker Kickback.  And SCOTUS upheld it, fraud and all.  Further, I live in California and am represented by dems who are all whored out to the unions and spineless republicans.  Gerrymandering gives Pelosi a permanent house seat (The hardcore dems live in districts where they win with 25,000 votes and Republican districts win with 150,000 votes; and they both have the same vote). Anyway, I didn’t vote for any of that crap and I refuse to take the blame for any of it.  Further, it is SCOTUS’ job to follow the constitution and to protect me from the tyranny of the Majority.   Please note that when Ben Nelson was faced with the wrath of his voters, he retired!  They were going to throw the bum out.  The people were willing to do their job.  Throwing out corrupt politicians does not automatically undo their corrupt laws.  It was up to SCOTUS to throw out the bogus law.  Big Fail by Roberts!!

Hey Roberts– YES, it is your job!  SCOTUS is a check on the executive and legislative powers.  If a law is unconstitutional, it is SCOTUS job to adhere to the constitution and strike it down.  Roberts knows this to be true which is why he went to such absurd lengths to find it “constitutional” as a tax.  More importantly, Robert’s decision to protect the court and his legacy was the epitome of political choice, and makes him fundamentally unfit for the job.  (However, I will not call for his resignation or impeachment so long as El Jefe would pick his replacement).  But more than likely, Roberts, unlike Ben Nelson, will not suffer the consequences of his poor choices because he has the job for life.  Roberts’ message to conservatives-  SUCKERS!!

And now, can we all agree with Ann Coulter and forgo stealth candidates.  It never works out for us.  It also denotes weakness and lack of spine.  Some argue that Roberts is playing chess and that the double-secret decision will benefit at some random time in the future.  But, if conservatives don’t have the spine to stand up for conservative principals and ideas, then those conservatives are useless to the cause.  Liberals think conservative ideas are toxic but we shouldn’t support alleged conservatives who think conservative ideas are toxic and must be hidden from the public.  They are more dangerous than libs and it’s time we treated them as such.

Finally, to the nitwits who claim that Roberts clarified the issue by calling the mandate a tax and so there will be no more stealth taxes.  “It won’t ever happen again!”  ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?  First, that’s like saying that your trustee stole your entire trust worth $2 trillion dollars AND got away with it, and all you can say is “they can never still my $2 trillion again.”  Hey idiot, the crooks already got your money and so they don’t need to nothing.  You’re broke and they’re rich.  Further, when you called in the SCOTUS cops, Roberts said that they didn’t steal your  $2 trillion (cause that’s a crime) instead they simply took your money without your permission (it’s all your fault).  Then, Roberts draws them a plan and gives them the power to go after the rest of your assets.  In the immortal words of Johnnie Taylor – “Ain’t no sense in going home, Jody’s got your girl and gone.”  SAPS!