Weiners’ Lies veer into Susan Smith Territory

Alan Colmes had a meltdown defending the lying scumbag known as Anthony Weiner. Colmes was screaming that everybody lies about sex. His whole performance was disgusting. Weiners’ defenders gloss over the fact that Weiner ACCUSED several innocent people of despicable crimes to cover his own heinous behavior. Weiners’ lies has a taint of evil that is reminiscent of the lies of Susan Smith.

Susan Smith, the evil mother who murdered her boys—aged 2 and 4, told the police that she was attacked by a black man who later ran her car into the lake with the two boys strapped in their car seats. Evil! She didn’t mention some vague story about an attacker; instead, she gave a detailed description to the police and a sketch artist. Luckily for innocent men everywhere, two sharp-eyed detectives noticed that the “crazed child killer” looked exactly like her ex-husband with dark skin. After a massive man-hunt, she was arrested for killing her kids. Her phony accusations spread the slime of evil all over society.

As for Weiner, he lied and lied and lied to everyone. He looked his friends in the eyes and lied to their face. He called in the press and lied to every single one of them, even called one a “jackass” for asking questions. And then, he went on to accuse innocent people of his crime. Evil!

Colmes’ said that everyone lies about sex. No- cheaters lie about sex!! Nevertheless, I understand the impulse to lie when you are cold-busted doing wrong—and go straight into the Shaggy Defense– “It wasn’t me!” I get that. But, there’s a special kind of evil where you accuse innocent people of your crime and stand by while they are attacked and crucified. Weiner accused the vast right wing conspiracy and Breitbart of all kinds of nasty things. His minions took up the cry and immediately went on a seek-and-destroy mission against Breitbart and “patriotusa76.” Weiner stood back and let good people be savaged by his lies. They were all set to go Joe-the-plumber on patriotusa76 but they couldn’t identify him, and so Breitbart received the brunt of the attack. And still, Breitbart had to shame Weiner into an apology. Let there be no mistake, Weiner would have let Breitbart be destroyed. He would have bragged about taking him down on all the cable shows and to his minions at the Daily Kos and the DU. He would have used it to advance his career without a second thought. Therefore, he should be shunned by society and never allowed into the public spotlight.