Obama health plan - guaranteed issue - irresponsible people

On of the keys to the Obama plan is that health insurance will be guaranteed issue.  Currently there are a lot of the “uninsured” that choose to be uninsured.  Some call it irresponsible.  In the Obama plan what will make these people become responsible?

The Obama plan isn’t going to require people to buy insurance.  What is to keep the current irresponsible group to:

  1. Not purchase insurance
  2. Stay uninsured
  3. Wait until an illness such as cancer
  4. Go to an insurance company, lay down a $100 premium and say, “now cover me for $70,000 of cancer treatments.

An Obama plan would entice people to be irresponsible.  But isn’t that what many government – give-away take – care – of – you plans always create?  Government is good at creating moral hazards.