Disgusting Sexism from the Democrats- UPDATED

Folks, I can’t believe the sexism that’s spewing out from the Democrats on the matter of Trig Palin. It’s not just the garbage about how a woman who is the mother of a special-needs child shouldn’t try to have a successful career at the same time. On top of that, the insane, offensive and obviously untrue story about Trig being the son of Governor Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol is also refusing to die down.

I’ve already heard stories that the Obama campaign is very surreptitiously feeding all of this calumny. I would like all of you to help us to track down whether or not this is true.

The garbage started at DailyKos, naturally, where there have been at least 1800 comments so far. But it’s been picked up in press reports far and wide, possibly at the urging of Obama campaign staffers. I’d encourage all of you to dig into the biographies of the Kos and other commenters, to find their links to the Obama campaign, and post them here.

I know that all Republicans want to wage this campaign on substantive grounds. But if the Democrats are going to punch us below the belt with easily-refuted lies, then I have no problem at all with calling them on it every single day from now till the election.

Especially when they’re hypocritically violating every shred of the respect for women and women’s rights that we Republicans fully accepted long ago. The Democrats have now proven that they are the Party of Lies, not the Party of Respect for Women.

After all, Obama’s whole campaign started off as “new politics,” and now is all about “kicking the bums out.” Americans need to understand that the bums pursuing the old politics of sexism and personal destruction are all Democrats.

UPDATE: Reuters is reporting that a senior McCain campaign official has announced that Bristol Palin indeed is five months pregnant, and will marry the father of her child. Obviously this is the business of no one but the Palin family, but the McCain poople (who knew about the pregnancy) rightly felt it was important to refute the ridiculous claims being made about Trig Palin, who is Bristol’s brother, not her son.

To the Obama campaign: All right, people, bring it on. You tried and failed to say that Sarah Palin lied about her special-needs child. Now that the truth is out, would you like to try making the case that Sarah Palin is of a character not suited for high office because her daughter will have a child, and that her family will provide for the child in a loving and understanding way?

Or perhaps, to use the words of Barack Obama, you’d like us to believe that Bristol Palin is being punished?

-Francis Cianfrocca