Barack Obama Listens To RedState On Oil Drilling

It’s gratifying to know that Barack Obama has been paying attention to us here at RedState. Just yesterday morning, I pointed out that oil drilling was the one issue on which Obama has never compromised his true principles.

Since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee (and being made de facto President of the United States by the media), he’s flip-flopped on nearly every other subject. The only things he’s said consistently are that he thinks his picture should appear on our money, and that we shouldn’t increase our production of oil and gas.

But after he read my piece yesterday morning, he realized he had one more flip in him. As Brother Jeff points out below, Senator Obama now will be in favor of offshore drilling.

That also means that, when the bubble in crude oil prices pops and they fall back below $100/barrel, Obama will tell you that his statement today is the reason why.

-Francis Cianfrocca