Finally, Some Ideological Purity from Barack Obama

I continue to be encouraged by the fact that energy policy is the one issue on which Senator Obama has refused to compromise his principles. At no point has he given any hint of flip-flopping in the direction of allowing more domestic oil and gas production.

The thing that makes this issue potentially good for Republicans if handled correctly, is this: most people instinctively understand that if you produce more oil and gas, you’ll have more of it. And the price will then come down. Sounds awfully simple, doesn’t it? And yet it hasn’t been made clear that it’s precisely this that all the Democrats are bitterly opposed to.

Democrats from Barack Obama to Nancy Pelosi have been blaming everything from financial speculators to underinflated tires (no, I’m not kidding) for the high price of motor fuel. But never once does it pass their lips to suggest that we can address the problem by simply producing more of the stuff.

It’s as if you had a fatal disease, and the cure is a little pill that you’re holding in your hand right now.

But your doctor says “don’t take that pill.” You ask him why not, and he says, “Well, that’s a very complicated question.”

You’d get another doctor, wouldn’t you?

-Francis Cianfrocca