UN Behind Healthcare 'Reform'

http://www.cfr.org/publication/20066/  (links posted below in comment section, sorry)

The US health care system is to be yet another victim of globalization and UN edicts, and openly slated for Global Governance. How about an arrogant ruling elite, a foreign concept to our Republic, that is so nutty they are best described as cruel, something to which they are oblivious, whose lust for power has corrupted all institutions of this nation, no matter the consequences. They are bankrupt of any morality or patriotism to this nation.

It’s the same old argument all over again, ‘from those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs’, applied to a different topic and program. We are all familiar with the long list of cruelities perpetrated against the Russian people and the Chinese People under the system of Leninism while spewing propaganda about the fairness and kindness of this system. This is where we are headed if these  extremist elitists are not stopped, and I mean every piece of legislation they propose, every single piece.

Read about our Secretary of State quoting former Soviet Union bosses on the subject here, because it will not stop with health care:


It is not kind nor fair to the American People to flood this country with illegal and legal workers and fire Americans, and then pretend you are concerned about their welfare. I am tired of lies and tricks. I define cruelty as destroying the world’s best health care system. I define cruelty as cutting $500 billion for seniors who paid into the system their entire working lives. OH, too bad, you are no longer useful to the STATE….are THEY KIDDING? NO, they are not!

And health care reform will be followed by granting amnesty, which will include family reunification, or millions and millions more, with no jobs available….you will pay, and pay, and pay for the Democrats’ game of POLITICIDE. That’s what this is, importing people to out vote you.

As we see from the above referenced article, health care reform any health care reform, also attacks our sovereignty. Few are defining it as a sovereignty issue, but I feel it is such.  I don’t care what the rest of the world is or is not doing. In a real democratic system, that would be their business and that of no one else. And as we see, all this aid and interference in these Third World nations has made them weak and dependent. This is how people are controlled, and made poor. All the while pretending they are so concerned about their welfare, sound familiar?

Need we be reminded that they left the border open after 9/11. The elitists did not care a twit about what happened to you nor your children, and neither do they to this day. And many people were killed, murdered and raped after 9/11, many many more than 3,000. Why would anyone even consider trusting these arrogant, irresponsible, power mad thugs with your family’s health care or anything else?

Take another look at Obama’s pantheon of czars/gods, and ask yourself if you want these cruel, immoral, nut job thugs having any influence on any legislation at all.