Teddy as Turncoat

http://www.forbes.com/2009/08/27/ted-kennedy-soviet-union-ronald-reagan-opinions-columnists-peter-robinson.html (see updated, working link below in comments section)

I have often said to myself over the last few decades, ‘Wow! Someone really hates this country and the American People!’ I’m sure that most of you have had similar thoughts, but the explanation as to exactly who or what remained a mystery. Since the election of Barack Hussein Obama, and the revelations of the above article, suddenly the destructive forces behind our recent history seem crystal clear. It’s called High Treason.

I am not going to go into a long-winded re-hashing of Ted Kennedy’s legislative ‘accomplishments’. We are all familiar enough with them, and the devastating effect they have had on our nation. You will note that the above article states that the Andropov incident involved the Democratic Party, not just the senator (and yes, that is with a small ‘s’). Suffice it to say that the recent legislation he supported – single payer health care reform, card check, open borders and amnesty, social security for illegal aliens, the drastic hate crimes bill, net neutrality, etc. are fundamentally anti-American in nature and scope. They are more Stalinist in nature and scope, and in fact follow the policies favored by Marxists in general. Make no mistake, this is not the soft socialism of the EU nations, this is something else – hardcore Marxist Revolution in the works. All one has to do is review the backgrounds of Obama’s cadre of czars.

One could say this is a real State of Emergency, and has been for quite some time now. But, just as the article states, the MSM ignored the story, which makes them mainly responsible for the current state of affairs. And, now Rockefeller and Snowe want to grant Obama the power to shut off Internet access to private computers. Oh, he will come up with an ‘Emergency’. This is what Marxists do, disrupt communications so they can do what they want.

Every single congressman or senator that has supported any of Kennedy’s legislation must be purged from the Congress. There should investigations into the matter. Kennedy’s remains must be removed from Arlington. This article should be forwarded to everyone in the nation.

In conclusion, I will forever think of Edward Moore Ted Kennedy as America’s Boris Yeltsin. Yelstin, who maintained a drunken stupor while his policies devastated the Russian people, how ironic.