The Worst Republican Party Ever

The Massachusetts Republican Party, in their “wisdom”, elected what some conservatives deemed a Barbie cheerleader. The only problem is, instead of leading, she’s apparently not even good at backing her team.

In a stinging email rebuke by MassResistance,

Newly elected Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour has wasted no time making it clear where she wants the party to go. Last week, in a front-page interview with the hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows, she told the homosexual community that they didn’t need to worry about the Republican party opposing them on “social issues” or “the culture wars.”

We’ve known for years that the loser RINOs run the Mass GOP. They’ve now just rubbed it in the face of the base.

Whatever your issues are with all topics gay, one would hope that a surrender would be treated as an olive branch by the opposition. However, the gay community in Massachusetts is not in favor of tolerance and inclusion as they claim. It’s all about heterosexuals meeting their demands or else, and many in the Republican base are now past fuming.

She (Chairwoman Nassour) can’t raise money, She can’t get a turnout of over 25 and now this!

The person is, I assume, referring to a recent, heavily-publicized “reception” for Nassour.

This party, the MAGOP is now and forever officially dead! The Cheerleader of “the party” is more Democrat than most Democrats. We need to, or more particularly those of you still involved in this utter failure, see if she will support the “Bathroom Bill” allowing any sex to use any public bathroom (to include schools) depending on how “they feel on that day”?

To those who supported, politicked and endorsed the Cheerleader, enjoy your “party”

And the backlash is coming in fast and furious.

One former Town Committee member fired an email to Nassour titled “Why I’m an ex-Republican”, saying “Social issues are not just personal. Redefining marriage, restricting religious expression and usurping parental authority by the state in public education are not personal issues. They affect the lives of every citizen.”

And for all you Romney lovers out there…

Under Mitt Romney, the party strenuously avoided social issues, particularly the homosexual “marriage” issue, even though that was the hottest issue of the day. That led to some absurd situations in the 2004 elections. For example, Romney’s people gave huge financial and organizational support to Steven Howitt, a Republican who was running to unseat then-Rep. Philip Travis (D-Rehoboth). Although a Democrat, Travis was a leading pro-life, pro-family rep. Howitt was pro-choice and endorsed by several homosexual PACs. At one point the Republican Howitt even sent out flyers warning people that the Democrat Travis wanted to “take away a woman’s right to choose.” (Luckily Travis won the election 63% to 37%.)

Sometimes I wonder why I ran for chair of this state party, and in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t as I’d have to be dealing with backstabbing RINOs on an almost daily basis and I have no patience for them.

So for the other state Republican parties around the nation, be happy you’re not as dysfunctional as ours is in Massachusetts. When it comes to “tolerance” and “inclusion” with certain opposition groups, it means for us to take it up the ass.

That’s just how they like it.